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Before the Coffee Gets Cold is a novel by author Toshikazu Kawaguchi, first published in Japan in 2014. The story follows four people who have traveled to a small cafe in Tokyo with the hopes of turning back time and changing their lives. Each person has different wishes, from being reunited with lost loved ones to finding success at work or school.

The café offers each customer one hour to make their wish come true but there’s one caveat: they must remain seated until the coffee gets cold.

“Before the Coffee Gets Cold,” written by author Toshikazu Kawaguchi, is a captivating novel that follows the stories of four characters as they travel in time through the use of a mysterious coffee shop. The unique premise and intriguing plot make this book an entertaining read for all ages. With its philosophical themes and heartwarming moments, “Before the Coffee Gets Cold” will surely leave readers with plenty to think about long after they’ve finished reading it.

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Before the Coffee Gets Cold PDF free download

Is Before the Coffee Gets Cold Worth Reading?

Yes, Before the Coffee Gets Cold is worth reading. This book will leave the reader with a feeling of both nostalgia and optimism. The story follows four characters as they travel through time to achieve their goals and overcome challenges in life.

Here are some reasons why it’s worth reading: – Heartwarming Story: From beginning till end, this novel takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster ride that touches upon topics such as love, loss, forgiveness and family. – Unique Writing Style: The author employs a unique writing style that makes for an enjoyable read.

– Unexpected Twists & Turns: As one progresses further into the story there are several unexpected plot twists which keep things exciting until the very last page. Overall, Before the Coffee Gets Cold is a captivating tale that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it!

What are the Rules in Before the Coffee Gets Cold?

Before the Coffee Gets Cold is a Japanese play by Toshikazu Kawaguchi that has been adapted into a movie. It follows four characters as they attempt to change their lives with the help of time travel. The rules for Before the Coffee Gets Cold are:

• All guests must remain seated until time travelling ends, otherwise it won’t work. • They cannot interact with anyone who isn’t in the café, or tell anyone outside about what goes on inside. • Guests can only visit the past and stay there for up to an hour.

• Anything that happens while visitors are travelling through time won’t be remembered when they return to present day. These rules help keep everyone safe and prevent any interference with history or future events that could have negative consequences if changed too much.


Before the Coffee Gets Cold Pdf Reddit

Before the Coffee Gets Cold is a magical, heartwarming story about time travel and finding closure. Written by Toshikazu Kawaguchi, it has become a popular read on Reddit due to its creative premise and emotional plot. The novel follows four strangers who visit a café in Tokyo with the goal of traveling back in time for one hour to find answers they need in their lives.

Through this adventure they learn invaluable lessons that can only be experienced when we take our coffee cold.


This blog post about Before the Coffee Gets Cold PDF has provided a comprehensive overview of the book. The author did an excellent job of bringing together elements from different time periods, creating a unique and captivating story. It is clear to see why this book has become so popular with readers all over the world.

With its magical realism and intriguing storyline, it is sure to be enjoyed by many more generations of readers. Ultimately, before the coffee gets cold free download is an enchanting read that will leave you wanting more!


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