Kat Timpf Salary Fox News, Net Worth 2023, Bio, How Much Income Per Year?

Kat Timpf is a well-known American journalist, comedian, and TV personality who works for Fox News Channel. She is best known for being a regular panelist and co-host of the show Gutfeld!, which features political satire and commentary. She also appears as a contributor on various other Fox News shows and hosts her own show on Fox Nation, Sincerely, Kat. But how much does Kat Timpf earn per year? What is her net worth in 2023? And what are some interesting facts about her personal life and career?

Kat Timpf Salary

In this article, we will answer these questions and more.

Kat Timpf’s Salary and Net Worth in 2023

Kat Timpf’s salary at Fox News is estimated to be around $300,000 per year. This is based on the average salary of a Fox News contributor, which ranges from $250,000 to $350,000. However, this does not include her income from other sources, such as her podcast, The Kat Timpf Show, her comedy gigs, her book deals, and her endorsements. Therefore, her actual income per year could be much higher than this figure.

As for her net worth in 2023, it is difficult to calculate an exact number since there are no official records of her assets and liabilities. However, based on her salary and lifestyle, we can assume that she has a substantial net worth that could be in the millions. Some websites have estimated her net worth to be between $1.5 million and $3 million , but these are only rough guesses and not confirmed by Kat Timpf herself.

Kat Timpf’s Earning Career

Kat Timpf started her career as a reporter for the conservative news website CampusReform.org in Arlington, Virginia. She then worked as a digital editor for The Washington Times, a news anchor for NASA’s Third Rock Radio, and a producer and reporter for Total Traffic Network in Santa Ana, California. She also received a grant from The Fund for American Studies to complete a journalism project titled “As California Goes, So Goes the Nation: The Consequences of Following Golden State Policy” in 2012.

Kat Timpf gained more exposure and recognition when she began appearing on various television and radio programs, such as America Live with Megyn Kelly, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox and Friends, Red Eye, Stossel, The Five, Outnumbered, The Big Weekend Show and The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. She also became a contributor to several publications, such as Orange County Register, Investor’s Business Daily, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, International Business Times, and The Washington Times. She also performed comedy on the morning drive radio show on Baltimore’s 98 Rock.

In 2015, Kat Timpf joined Fox News Channel as a contributor and became a regular panelist on the show Gutfeld!, hosted by Greg Gutfeld. She also co-hosted the show Fox News Specialists with Eric Bolling and Eboni K. Williams in 2017, but the show was canceled after Bolling was fired for alleged sexual misconduct. Since then, she has continued to appear on Gutfeld! and other Fox News shows as a commentator and humorist. She also hosts her own show on Fox Nation, Sincerely, Kat, where she gives advice to viewers on various topics.

Kat Timpf is also a successful podcaster and author. She hosts a weekly podcast called The Kat Timpf Show, where she talks to guests about random subjects and her personal life. She also published her first book in 2020 titled The Incredible Shrinking Woman: And Other Stories from My Life of Humiliation, which is a collection of humorous essays about her experiences of being bullied and embarrassed.

Kat Timpf’s Marriage and Personal Life

Kat Timpf married Cameron Friscia in May 2021 in a ceremony officiated by Lisa Kennedy Montgomery. Cameron Friscia is an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is currently working as an investment banker at Barclays Capital in New York City. The couple met through mutual friends in 2019 and got engaged in November 2020.

Kat Timpf has two pets: a dog named Carl and a cat named Cheens. She adopted Carl from the North Shore Animal League America in March 2020 and Cheens from the ASPCA in June 2020. She often posts pictures of them on her social media accounts.

Kat Timpf is a libertarian who supports individual freedom and limited government intervention. She is also a fan of Star Wars and has received death threats from some fans after making satirical remarks about the franchise in 2015.

Most Asked Questions and Answers about Kat Timpf

  1. How old is Kat Timpf?

Kat Timpf is 34 years old as of 2023. She was born on October 29, 1988, in Detroit, Michigan.

  1. How tall is Kat Timpf?

Kat Timpf is 5 feet 6 inches (169 cm) tall.

  1. What is Kat Timpf’s ethnicity?

Kat Timpf is of American-White ethnicity.

  1. Where does Kat Timpf live?

Kat Timpf lives in Brooklyn, New York.

  1. What is Kat Timpf’s zodiac sign?

Kat Timpf’s zodiac sign is Scorpio.

  1. What is Kat Timpf’s book about?

Kat Timpf’s book, The Incredible Shrinking Woman: And Other Stories from My Life of Humiliation, is a collection of humorous essays about her experiences of being bullied and embarrassed in various situations, such as school, work, dating, and social media.

  1. Who are Kat Timpf’s parents?

Kat Timpf’s parents are Daniel Timpf and Anne Marie Timpf. Her mother passed away when she was young and she has shared pictures of her father on her Instagram account.

  1. Who are Kat Timpf’s siblings?

Kat Timpf has a brother named Elliot Timpf and a sister named Julia Timpf.

  1. Who officiated Kat Timpf’s wedding?

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, also known as Kennedy, officiated Kat Timpf’s wedding to Cameron Friscia in May 2021. Kennedy is a former MTV VJ and a current Fox News personality who hosts the show Kennedy on Fox Business Network.

  1. What are some of Kat Timpf’s hobbies and interests?

Some of Kat Timpf’s hobbies and interests include comedy, music, movies, books, sports, travel, and animals. She also likes to play guitar and piano.

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