Government Salary Grade in BD 2023 [ After Budget ]

If you are looking for a job in the public sector in Bangladesh, you may have come across the term “salary grade.” But what exactly does it mean? In this Salary grade BD article, we will explore the concept of grade salary in Bangladesh BD, its importance, and how it is determined.

Salary grade is a system used by the Government of Bangladesh to determine the salaries of its employees. It is a standardized system that ensures fairness and transparency in the payment of salaries to government employees. In this system, every position in the government has a designated pay scale of 2023 bd, which determines the salary range for that position.

Govt Salary Scale 2023

Govt salary grade 2023 for employees pdf

The salary grade system is designed to take into account several factors, such as the nature of the work, level of responsibility, and required qualifications for the position. These factors are used to determine the appropriate govt job grade salary for each position. The system also takes into account the cost of living in different regions of the country, which means that the salaries for the same position may vary depending on the location.

The Government salary grade system has several benefits. It ensures that government employees are paid fairly and equitably for their work. It also provides a clear framework for career progression, as employees can work towards higher salary grades as they gain more experience and qualifications. Additionally, the system helps to attract and retain talented individuals in the public sector, as it provides a competitive and attractive salary package.

Govt Pay scale in bd 2023 PDF

here is a table with 35 examples of Govt job position names, position grades, and pay scales for the salary grade BD system:

Govt Job Position NamePosition GradeGovt Pay Scale (BDT)
Office Assistant209,300 – 22,490
Steno Typist cum Computer Operator169,700 – 23,490
Assistant Accountant1511,000 – 26,590
Junior Auditor1412,500 – 30,230
Assistant Programmer1216,000 – 38,640
Assistant System Analyst1118,000 – 42,640
Assistant Engineer1020,000 – 47,310
Deputy Assistant Director1020,000 – 47,310
Assistant Director922,000 – 52,060
Deputy Director827,100 – 63,010
Joint Director733,200 – 77,730
Additional Secretary1050,000 – 87,890
Director (Administration)640,000 – 93,070
Director (Accounts)640,000 – 93,070
Deputy Inspector General of Police935,600 – 67,010
Superintendent of Police935,600 – 67,010
Additional Deputy Commissioner1044,000 – 78,260
Deputy Commissioner1156,000 – 98,970
Joint Commissioner1268,000 – 1,20,000
Commissioner1375,000 – 1,32,000
Senior Assistant Secretary836,000 – 68,030
Assistant Registrar1225,000 – 60,420
Associate Professor950,000 – 1,20,000
Professor1180,000 – 1,50,000
Senior Staff Nurse1512,000 – 29,370
Assistant Chief945,000 – 1,03,610
Deputy Director General650,000 – 1,15,990
Joint Secretary943,000 – 76,040
Additional Secretary (Education)1050,000 – 87,890
Under Secretary835,500 – 67,010
Joint Director General560,000 – 1,38,030
Secretary1156,000 – 98,970
Assistant Superintendent of Police829,000 – 56,520
Divisional Commissioner1390,

To determine the appropriate salary grade for a position, several factors are taken into account. These include the required education and experience for the position, the level of responsibility and complexity of the work, and the prevailing market rates for similar positions in the private sector. Once these factors have been assessed, a salary range is determined for the position, which falls within a specific salary.

The salary grade BD system is used across various government departments and agencies, including the civil service, police, army, and judiciary. It is a critical component of the public sector’s human resource management strategy, and it ensures that government employees are paid fairly and equitably for their


the salary grade BD system is an essential component of the public sector’s human resource management strategy in Bangladesh. It ensures that government employees are paid fairly and equitably for their work, and provides a clear framework for career progression. If you are considering a career in the public sector in Bangladesh, understanding the bd salary structure is crucial.

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