Battalion Ansar Salary Scale 2023: Rank Wise

Ansar battalion job circular in 2023

Ansar VDP is a paramilitary auxiliary force in Bangladesh that is responsible for the preservation of internal security and law enforcement. It has 6.1 million active and reserved members and is administered by the Ministry of Home Affairs. f you are interested in working for Ansar VDP, or if you …

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DESCO Salary Structure in Bangladesh 2023

DESCO Salary Structure

DESCO (Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited) is a public limited company that distributes electricity to the customers of Dhaka city. DESCO was established in 1996 and started its operation in 1998. DESCO has a total of 12,50,000 customers and covers an area of 567 sq. km. DESCO has various ranks …

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Bangladesh Bank Salary Structure 2023

Bangladesh Bank Job Circular

Bangladesh Bank is the central bank of Bangladesh and the regulator of the banking sector. It has recently issued a set of guidelines for implementing new salary scales and other allowances for entry-level bankers from April 2023. The new pay structure has been criticized by some experts as it discourages …

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Bangladesh Navy Rank-wise Salary or Pay Scale 2023

Bangladesh Navy Rank-wise Salary Scale 2023

The Bangladesh Navy is the naval branch of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. It is responsible for protecting the country’s maritime interests and ensuring its sovereignty over the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. The Bangladesh Navy has a proud history of participating in various national and international missions, such …

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Top Corporate Company Salary in Bangladesh 2023

Top Corporate Company Salary in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has become a major player in the global economy, with a rapidly growing corporate sector. The country’s favorable business environment, low labor costs, and strategic location have made it a popular destination for investors. In this article, we will take a look at some of the Top Corporate Companies, …

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