1 Kg Chicken Price in Bangladesh

The current price of 1 kg chicken in Bangladesh is approximately 220-280 bdt. Chicken is a mainstay food source for people across bangladesh.

Consumers are always interested in knowing the latest chicken prices to ensure they are paying a fair price. The price of 1 kg chicken in Bangladesh varies according to the region, seasonality factors, and demand and supply conditions. Generally, prices range from 220-280 bdt. In recent years, chicken prices have fluctuated due to various reasons such as bird flu outbreaks, transportation issues, and political unrest. This has caused concern for consumers who are often price-sensitive. In this article, we will discuss the current state of chicken prices in Bangladesh.

Understanding the State of Poultry Industry in Bangladesh

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Factors Influencing Chicken Prices

The price of chicken, a dietary staple for many households in bangladesh, is susceptible to various economic and industry dynamics. The poultry industry in the country is growing at a rapid pace to meet the increasing demand for chicken meat.

However, the supply-demand dynamics are closely interlinked, and any imbalance can trigger a price fluctuation. To meet the demand, breeders are using cost-effective inputs, and any increase in the input prices can impact the final chicken price. Besides, the role of transportation networks, both intra and inter-city, plays a vital role.

It enables the efficient movement of chickens from farms to markets and processing plants, influencing price. Thus, a combination of these factors affects 1 kg chicken price in bangladesh.

Cost Breakdown Of Producing A Kg Of Chicken

The cost breakdown of producing a kg of chicken in bangladesh involves several factors. First, there are the feed costs, which make up a significant portion of the expenses. Then there is the cost of labor, which includes the wages of workers involved in the production cycle.

Medicine costs are also considered due to the use of antibiotics to promote growth in the chickens. There are other relevant costs such as transportation and packaging. When all of these costs are taken into account, the profits and margins for chicken production in bangladesh can vary significantly based on the market demand and pricing.

Understanding the production cycle is crucial for farmers to ensure that they can maintain profitability and provide consumers with affordable chicken prices.

Historical Analysis Of 1 Kg Chicken Price

The price of 1 kg chicken in bangladesh has undergone several changes over the years. Historical analysis shows that the prices have shown both annual and seasonal variations. The market has seen highs and lows depending on various factors affecting the supply and demand of chicken.

Understanding the price trends and identifying the reasons behind these fluctuations is crucial for both consumers and businesses. Keeping track of the market changes can help determine the best time to buy or sell chicken. In bangladesh, factors like disease outbreak, import/export policies, and transportation costs all contribute to the price of chicken.

By staying informed about the market changes, people can make informed decisions and manage their expenses accordingly.

Effect Of Inflation On Price Of Chicken

The effect of inflation on the price of chicken has a direct impact on the price levels in bangladesh. A rise in inflation can lead to an increase in the cost of living, resulting in consumers having less disposable income.

This decrease in demand can then cause a decline in the price of chicken. However, if the cost of production rises due to inflation, this can lead to an increase in the price of chicken, regardless of demand. Determining the correlation between inflation and chicken prices requires careful analysis of economic factors.

Other possible factors influencing inflation include political instability, natural disasters, and international trade policies. It is therefore important to monitor these factors closely to anticipate any potential changes in chicken prices.

Forecasting The Future Of 1 Kg Chicken Prices

The price of chicken in bangladesh has been fluctuating significantly in recent times. Forecasting its rate can be challenging. Several factors, including demand and supply, production cost, and government policies, can impact its price. Experts predict that chicken prices may rise in the upcoming months and years due to the increasing demand for poultry products.

Moreover, the anticipated risk factors such as changes in weather, diseases, and imposed taxes on imports may cause a hike in prices. On the other hand, opportunities, such as technological advancements in the livestock industry, can reduce the production cost, eventually keeping prices stable.

The government can take several actions such as promoting domestic production, reducing taxes on imported raw materials, and monitoring market behavior to maintain price stability.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Topic

Q: What are some factors that affect the chicken price in Bangladesh?

A: Some factors that affect the chicken price in Bangladesh are region, seasonality, demand and supply, bird flu outbreaks, transportation issues, and political unrest.

Q: Where can I buy chicken online in Bangladesh?

A: You can buy chicken online in Bangladesh from various websites such as Chaldal.com and Kablewala.com.bd.

Q: What are the different types of chicken available in Bangladesh?

A: Some of the different types of chicken available in Bangladesh are broiler chicken, deshi chicken, duck, pigeon, and quail.

Q: How much is the skin off broiler chicken per kg in Bangladesh?

A: The skin off broiler chicken per kg in Bangladesh is 369 BDT according to Chaldal.com.

Q: How much is the deshi chicken with skin per kg in Bangladesh?

A: The deshi chicken with skin per kg in Bangladesh is 825 BDT according to Kablewala.com.bd.

Q: How much is duck meat per kg in Bangladesh?

A: The duck meat per kg in Bangladesh ranges from 580 BDT to 710 BDT depending on the type of duck.

Q: How much is the pigeon meat per piece in Bangladesh?

A: The pigeon meat per piece in Bangladesh is 149 BDT.

Q: How much is the quail meat per 4 pieces in Bangladesh?

A: The quail meat per 4 pieces in Bangladesh is 259 BDT.

Q: How much is the roast chicken per 275 gm in Bangladesh?

A: The roast chicken per 275 gm in Bangladesh is 185 BDT.


In a nutshell, the price of 1 kg chicken in bangladesh is currently fluctuating due to multiple factors. While the covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on the market, it is not the sole reason for the rise in prices.

The cost of production, transportation, and storage all have an influence on the chicken price. However, with proper management and transparency within the supply chain, the government and stakeholders can come up with an effective solution to sustain the market and its affordability.

It is important to note that despite the increase in price, chicken remains a staple food for the majority of the population. Therefore, consumers must be mindful of the quality and safety of the chicken they purchase. With that being said, the price of chicken may fluctuate, but its significance in the bangladeshi diet and culture remains invaluable.

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