CR Vasco da Gama Players Salary & squad Contract 2023

If you are a fan of Brazilian football, you might be curious about the squad of one of the most popular and successful clubs in the country: Clube de Regatas Vasco da Gama, or simply Vasco. Vasco is a four-time Brazilian champion, a Copa Libertadores winner, and a FIFA Club World Cup runner-up. The club has a rich history and a passionate fan base, but how much do you know about its current players?

In this article, we will give you the full details of Vasco’s 2023 squad, including their names, positions, ages, heights, weights, contract durations, and salaries. We will also provide some interesting facts and statistics about the team and its performance in the 2023 season. Finally, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Vasco and its players.

Vasco’s 2023 Squad Overview

Vasco’s 2023 squad consists of 36 players, with an average age of 25.2 years and an average height of 179 cm. The squad has nine foreign players (25%), representing six different countries: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Portugal, Uruguay, and Venezuela. The squad also has four national team players (11%), who have represented Brazil at various levels: Andrey Santos, Lucas Piton, Matias Galarza, and Pedro Raul.

The total market value of Vasco’s 2023 squad is estimated at €68.25 million. which ranks them as the 19th most valuable team in Brazil and the 234th most valuable team in the world. The most valuable player in the squad is Andrey Santos, a 19-year-old defensive midfielder who is valued at €15 million. The least valuable player in the squad is Zé Vitor, a 24-year-old forward who is valued at €100k.

The highest-paid player in the squad is Jair, a 28-year-old central midfielder who earns €4.5 million per year. The lowest-paid player in the squad is Patrick Paixao, a 20-year-old goalkeeper who earns €41.9k per year. The average salary of Vasco’s 2023 squad is €1.89 million per year, which ranks them as the 18th highest-paid team in Brazil and the 223rd highest-paid team in the world.

Vasco’s 2023 Squad Detailed List

The following table shows the detailed list of Vasco’s 2023 squad, sorted by position and market value. The table includes the player’s name, age, height, weight, contract end date, market value, and salary.

#PlayerAgeHeightWeightContract EndMarket ValueSalary
GKLéo Jardim28188 cm82 kgDec 31, 2025€3.00m€1.70m
GKIvan25194 cm86 kgDec 31, 2023€1.80m€0.50m
GKHalls24Mar 31, 2024€200k
GKAlexander24Dec 31, 2023€100k
GKPatrick Paixao20Sep 30, 2023€41.9k
CBLéo Matos27183 cm71 kgDec 31, 2025€3.50m€4.00m
CBManuel Capasso27188 cm87 kgDec 31, 2025

| €2.50m | €1.30m | | CB | Robson Bambu | 25 | 186 cm | 69 kg | Dec 31, 2023 | €2.50m | €1.10m | | CB | Miranda

Dec 31, 2023
Dec 31,2023
Anderson Conceição

Dec 31, 2024 €300k

| CB Zé Vitor 21

Dec 31, 2026 €250k €0.10m | CB Eric Pimentel 20

Jun 30, 2027

| CB Lyncon 18

| LB Lucas Piton 22 175 cm

Dec 31, 2026 €6.00m €3.20m | LB Paulo Victor 22 180 cm

Nov 30, 2023 €2.20m €0.40m | LB Edimar 37

Dec 31, 2023 €300k

| LB Matheus Julião 20

| RB José Luis Rodríguez 26 183 cm 74 kg Dec 31, 2025 €3.00m €1.80m | RB Paulinho 18

Jun 30, 2025 €500k

| RB Paulo Henrique 26 175 cm 74 kg Dec 31, 2023 €300k €0.20m

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