DESCO Salary Structure in Bangladesh 2023

DESCO (Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited) is a public limited company that distributes electricity to the customers of Dhaka city. DESCO was established in 1996 and started its operation in 1998. DESCO has a total of 12,50,000 customers and covers an area of 567 sq. km. DESCO has various ranks and levels of employees who are paid according to the national pay scale of Bangladesh. In this article, we will provide some information about the post, average salary and other benefits of DESCO employees in 2023.

DESCO Salary Structure 2023

DESCO Salary Structure in Bangladesh 2023

According to Glassdoor, DESCO 10 salaries are reported by employees. The average salary ranges from BDT 240,000 to BDT 1,390,000 per year. The following table shows the post and average salary of DESCO employees in 2023.

DESCO Post and Average Salary in 2023

PostAverage Salary (BDT)
Executive Assistant240,000
Senior Manager720,000
Electrical Engineer1,390,000
Deputy Manager940,000
Assistant Engineer1,095,000
Software Engineer1,290,000
R & D Intern300,000

The salary of each employee may vary depending on their qualification, experience, performance and seniority. The salary also includes basic pay, house rent allowance, medical allowance and other allowances.

Other Benefits

Besides the basic salary, DESCO employees also enjoy other benefits such as a festival bonus, home rent allowance, medical allowance, provident fund, gratuity, insurance, and other allowances. Some of these benefits are based on the national pay scale of Bangladesh, which was adopted in 2015 and may be revised in 2023. According to the current pay scale, DESCO employees get:

  • A festival bonus of 20% of the basic salary for the Bangla New Year and Eid festivals.
  • A home rent allowance of 50% to 65% of basic salary depending on the marital status and location of the employee.
  • A medical allowance of BDT 1000 per month for all employees.
  • A provident fund contribution of 10% of basic salary by both the employee and the employer.
  • A gratuity payment of one month’s basic salary for each completed year of service after retirement or resignation.
  • Insurance coverage of BDT 200,000 for accidental death or permanent disability and BDT 100,000 for natural death or partial disability.

In addition to these benefits, DESCO employees also get some other facilities such as:

  • Free electricity up to a certain limit depending on the rank and level of the employee.
  • Interest-free loan for purchasing a computer or motorcycle.
  • Leave encashment for unused annual leave.
  • Training and development opportunities both at home and abroad.
  • Welfare fund for supporting employees in case of emergency or hardship.


DESCO is one of the leading electric supply companies in Bangladesh that offers competitive salaries and benefits to its employees. The salary structure of DESCO is based on the national pay scale of Bangladesh, which may change in 2023. DESCO employees also get various allowances and bonuses that increase their income and welfare. DESCO also provides online customer service management system (OCSMS) for applying for new connection, paying bills, filing complaints and getting other information.

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