Development As Dom by Cody Lindley

Development as Dom is a concept described by Cody Lindley that encourages web developers to think of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as the “dominant” or controlling layer when developing websites. He suggests that all other layers such as databases, server-side logic and frameworks should be considered secondary to this trifecta. The idea behind Development as Dom is that it allows for maximum flexibility across different browsers and devices because the core components are unified in one language.

This means code can easily be adapted from desktop to mobile without having to rewrite much of it. Additionally, coding with these three languages makes development easier since they are designed specifically for web applications. By unifying these three elements into one layer at the heart of website development, Lindley believes developers will have more control over their projects resulting in improved user experience and better overall results.

Cody Lindley’s book, Development As Dom, is an invaluable resource for all web developers. It dives deep into the fundamentals of DOM manipulation and provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of how they can take advantage of modern JavaScript libraries such as jQuery to effectively incorporate dynamic elements into their sites. This book provides clear explanations and examples that make it easy for even novice developers to start building incredibly powerful websites in no time!

Q1: What is the Purpose of Development As Dom by Cody Lindley

The purpose of Development as Dom (DaD) by Cody Lindley is to provide an efficient and practical approach for understanding how the Document Object Model (DOM) works. DaD offers a simplified explanation of the DOM, which allows developers to easily understand the fundamentals: • Utilizing elements and attributes within HTML documents

• Accessing those elements from JavaScript code • Manipulating those elements with JavaScript code Overall, DaD allows developers to gain a better understanding of how to interact with webpages in order to create dynamic websites.

Q2: What Topics are Covered in Development As Dom by Cody Lindley

Development as Dom by Cody Lindley covers a variety of topics related to web development. The primary focus is on DOM (Document Object Model) and JavaScript, but other topics are also discussed: • HTML5 & CSS3: Fundamentals, semantic mark-up, best practices for styling with CSS3.

• Mobile Development: Responsive design with media queries; mobile application development using PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile. • Cross Browser Strategies: Techniques for building cross browser compatible code. • AJAX/JSON: Best practices for working with data from the server side to client side via AJAX requests and JSON objects.

The book provides an exploration into all aspects of modern web development in order to create high performance applications that work reliably across devices and browsers.

Q3: Who is This Book Suitable for

This book is suitable for a wide range of readers, from those who are new to programming to experienced coders. It is also perfect for anyone interested in web development or software engineering. The topics covered include:

– Basic programming concepts like variables and loops – How the internet works and how browsers render HTML pages – Frontend technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6), React and Redux

– Backend technologies such as Node.js, Express and MongoDB In short, this book will provide an excellent foundation for any aspiring web developer or programmer.

Development As  Dom  by  Cody Lindley


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This blog post by Cody Lindley provides an insightful overview of the concept of development as a domain. It highlights key points such as the importance of understanding the fundamentals, getting comfortable with coding languages, and learning how to think like a developer. The post encourages readers to embrace their journey into web development and not be afraid to make mistakes along the way.

By following these steps outlined by Cody Lindley, anyone can become a successful web developer and develop their own projects or products.

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