Garments Salary Grade in Bangladesh 2023

Are you Searching “Garments Salary Grade in Bangladesh” Article? Then Here you will know about details. The garments sector is one of the most important industries in Bangladesh, employing millions of workers and contributing to the country’s export earnings. However, the workers often face low wages, poor working conditions and a lack of social security. In this article, we will explore the salary grade of garment workers in Bangladesh, as well as their facilities and benefits.

The salary grade of garment workers in Bangladesh is determined by the government, based on the recommendations of a tripartite committee consisting of representatives from workers, owners, and the government. The latest salary grade was announced in January 2019, after a series of protests by workers demanding higher wages. The new salary structure increased the minimum wage for garment workers from Tk 5,300 to Tk 8,000 per month, effective from December 2018. The new factory salary grade also fixed the annual increment at 5 percent.

Garments Salary Grade in Bangladesh

The new salary grade has seven grades, each with different designations and monthly gross salaries. The monthly gross salary includes basic salary, house rent allowance, medical allowance, conveyance allowance, and food allowance. The following table shows the details of each grade and designation:

Garments worker salary in Bangladesh

Grade Designation Monthly Gross Salary (Tk)
1 Pattern Master

Chip Quality Controller

Chip Cutting Master/Cutting Chip

Chip Mechanic

2 Mechanic/Electrical

Cutting Master

3 Senior Operator (for All Machine)

Senior Cutter

Senior Quality Inspector

Senior Marker/Senior Drawing Man

Senior Screen Exposer

Senior Iron Man

Senior Sample Man/Sample Machinist

Junior Mechanic

Junior Electrician

Senior Line Leader

4 Operator (For All Machinery),

Cutter Man/Needle Man/Seizer Man

Quality Inspector, Marker/Drawing Man

Issue Man/Input Man

Balding Man/Numbering Man

Auto Spreader/Lay-Man

Polly Man/Packing Man/Folding Man

Tag Man/Spot Man/Received Man

Printer/Painter/Dewar Man

Screen Exproser<br>Iron Man/Processing Man


5 Helper (For All Machinery)

Cutter Helper/Needle Helper/Seizer Helper

Packer Helper/Folding Helper/Polly Helper

Balding Helper/Numbering Helper/Tag Helper/Spot Helper/Received Helper

6 Security Guard/Cleaner/Sweeper/Gardener/Messenger/Canteen Boy/Canteen Girl/Water Boy/Water Girl/Nurse/Nurse Aide/Midwife/Aya/Baby Sitter/Caretaker/Maid Servant/Cook/Cook Helper/Dish Washer/Laundry Boy/Laundry Girl/Tailor/Tailor Helper/Shoe Maker/Shoe Maker Helper/Hair Dresser/Hair Dresser Helper/Barber/Barber Helper/Beautician/Beautician Helper/Dhobi/Dhobi Helper 8,200
7 Apprentice Worker (For All Machinery) 8,000

Garments supervisor salary in Bangladesh

the salary of a garment supervisor in Bangladesh may vary depending on the grade and designation of the supervisor, as well as the company and location. Based on the Minimum wage for garments announced by the government in January 2019, a garments supervisor may belong to one of the following grades and designations:

  • Grade 1: Pattern Master, Chip Quality Controller, Chip Cutting Master/Cutting Chip, Chip Mechanic
  • Grade 2: Mechanic/Electrical, Cutting Master
  • Grade 3: Senior Operator (for All Machine), Senior Cutter, Senior Quality Inspector, Senior Marker/Senior Drawing Man, Senior Screen Exposer, Senior Iron Man, Senior Sample Man/Sample Machinist, Junior Mechanic, Junior Electrician, Senior Line Leader

The monthly gross salary for each grade and designation is as follows:

  • Grade 1: Tk 18,257
  • Grade 2: Tk 15,416
  • Grade 3: Tk 9,845

The monthly gross salary includes basic salary, house rent allowance, medical allowance, conveyance allowance and food allowance. The new salary grade also provides some facilities and benefits for the garment workers, such as overtime payment, festival bonuses, maternity leave, gratuity payment, provident fund contributions and group insurance coverage.


The garments sector is a key driver of Bangladesh’s economy and society, but it also faces many challenges and opportunities in the global market. The government, the owners and the workers need to work together to ensure fair wages, decent working conditions, social security and skill development for the garment workers. The new salary grade is a positive step towards improving the welfare of the workers and enhancing the competitiveness of the sector.

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