George Harrison the Concert for Bangladesh

The concert for bangladesh was a fundraising event organized by former beatle george harrison in 1971, featuring various musicians to raise awareness and aid for the bangladesh liberation war. The concert was held at madison square garden in new york city and was later released as a live album and film.

In the aftermath of the devastating bhola cyclone and the indo-pakistani war of 1971, bangladesh was left in a state of crisis with millions of refugees displaced and lacking basic necessities. George harrison, inspired by indian musician ravi shankar’s call for aid, organized the concert to help provide relief and support for the struggling nation. The concert for bangladesh was a groundbreaking event, featuring an all-star lineup including harrison, shankar, bob dylan, eric clapton, and others. The concert raised over $250,000 and helped bring international attention to the humanitarian crisis in bangladesh.

George Harrison: The Man, The Musician, and The Charity


The Life And Music Of George Harrison

George harrison, the lead guitarist of the iconic rock band the beatles, was born in liverpool, england in 1943. Together with paul mccartney and john lennon, he contributed significantly to the beatles’ success. Prior to his solo career, he released some notable songs, such as “here comes the sun” and “something.

” he also supported the bangladeshi refugees, organizing the concert for bangladesh in 1971. Furthermore, george was deeply involved in meditation and indian classical music, integrating those elements into his compositions. Due to his interest in eastern religion, he composed “my sweet lord,” which became a worldwide hit.

George harrison’s political and spiritual beliefs influenced his music, enabling him to create a unique sound and inspire generations of musicians.

The Concert For Bangladesh: The Beginning And Preparation

The concert for bangladesh was a response to the humanitarian crisis that occurred in the country in 1971. George harrison had a special connection with the country and its people, which drove him to rally some of the biggest musicians and performers to play for the cause.

The concert was a huge success, thanks to the immense talent involved and the dedication of the crew. However, the fundraising and legal aspects of organizing such an event posed a challenge. Despite this, the historic event raised a considerable amount of money and shed light on the plight of the bengali people.

It also set a precedent for future benefit concerts and inspired countless artists to use their platforms for good causes.

George Harrison’S Vision Come To Life: The Concert Day

George harrison’s concert for bangladesh became a reality on august 1st, 1971. The lineup for the concert featured legendary performers such as bob dylan, eric clapton and ravi shankar. With over 40,000 people in attendance and $243,000 raised in funds, the impact of the concert was significant.

The cause for helping those affected by the bangladesh liberation war was an important one, and the concert successfully brought awareness to the issue. George harrison’s vision of bringing together music and activism was fulfilled, making the concert for bangladesh one of the most important events in music history.

The Legacy Of The Concert For Bangladesh

The concert for bangladesh, organized by george harrison in 1971, was a historic moment in rock and roll for many reasons. For starters, it was the first benefit concert of its kind, aimed toward raising funds and awareness for a humanitarian cause.

The live album and documentary that followed allowed millions to relive the event’s magic and contribute to the charitable efforts. But the concert’s legacy extends far beyond that initial night, inspiring future generations to use music as a force for good.

The concert for bangladesh was a symbol of solidarity with the people of bangladesh, but also served as a call to action for concerts that could benefit communities in need worldwide. Decades later, the support for bangladesh continues, and the concert for bangladesh remains a powerful reminder of the ways music can bring people together for a greater purpose.

George Harrison’S Final Years And Legacy

George harrison’s final years were marked by his philanthropic work and musical influence. His famous concert for bangladesh, held in 1971, was an event that had a lasting effect. The concert brought together musicians from different genres and cultures to raise funds and support for the war-torn country.

It was one of the first charity concerts in history, and the proceeds went directly to unicef, helping millions in need. The concert influenced many other musicians and artists, encouraging them to use their platform to raise awareness and funds for various causes.

Harrison’s music and legacy continue to inspire and impact the world, even after his passing.

Frequently Asked Questions For George Harrison The Concert For Bangladesh

What Was The Concert For Bangladesh?

The concert for bangladesh held in 1971 was the first benefit concert of its kind. It was organized by george harrison to raise funds for the refugees who fled east pakistan to india during the bangladesh liberation war.

Who Performed At The Concert For Bangladesh?

Musicians who performed at the concert for bangladesh included george harrison, ringo starr, bob dylan, eric clapton, billy preston, and ravi shankar.

What Was The Impact Of The Concert For Bangladesh?

The concert for bangladesh raised awareness of the humanitarian crisis in bangladesh and created a blueprint for future benefit concerts. It also raised an estimated $12 million for unicef’s relief efforts in bangladesh.

How Did George Harrison Organize The Concert For Bangladesh?

George harrison’s close association with ravi shankar inspired him to organize the concert for bangladesh. He got a significant response from other famous friends, who agreed to perform at the benefit concert without getting paid.


It’s easy to understand why george harrison’s concert for bangladesh remains an indelible moment in music history. Not only did it raise awareness and funds for a dire humanitarian crisis, but it also set the standard for future benefit concerts.

Harrison’s dedication to the cause, coupled with his star-studded cast of performers, created an unforgettable experience for those who attended and watched from afar. His compassion and selflessness embodied the spirit of the event, inspiring others to make a difference in their own way.

As we look back on this iconic moment, we are reminded of the power that music has to bring people together and ignite change. The concert for bangladesh is more than a performance – it’s a symbol of hope, unity, and the unwavering belief that we can make the world a better place.

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