How to Apply for Umrah Visa from Bangladesh: A Complete Guide

To apply for umrah visa from bangladesh, visit the nearest authorized travel agency or the saudi embassy and provide necessary documents and information. After submitting the visa application, the embassy or agency will process the visa and notify you of its status.

Umrah, also known as the lesser pilgrimage, is a sacred journey that muslims undertake to mecca, saudi arabia. Bangladeshis wishing to perform umrah must apply for a visa. The visa application process involves submitting certain documents and information to authorized travel agencies or the saudi embassy. This can include a passport, a recent photograph, and proof of vaccinations. Once the application is submitted, the embassy or agency will process the visa and inform the applicant of its status. It is important to note that umrah visas have certain restrictions, such as limitations on the duration of the stay and the number of times an individual can perform umrah in a year.

How to Apply for Umrah Visa from Bangladesh: A Complete Guide


The Importance Of Umrah Visa

Umrah is one of the most sanctified religious activities in islam and obtaining an umrah visa is the most crucial part of this spiritual pilgrimage. Without an umrah visa, you cannot undertake this sacred trip to the holy city of mecca.

Understanding the importance of umrah visa is paramount for all pilgrims. It‘s vital to note that umrah and hajj visas are different and require separate procedures. While umrah can be performed throughout the year, hajj is performed on specific islamic dates.

Therefore, it is essential to know the difference between both visas to arrive in saudi arabia on time.

Steps To Apply For Umrah Visa

To apply for umrah visa from bangladesh, you need to get the necessary documents ready. Choose a reliable travel agency that can assist you with the visa application process. Fill in the online application form with accurate information and supporting documents.

You can track the status of your application by checking the embassy or agency website. Finally, once your visa is approved, you will receive it through mail or email. Make sure to follow all the guidelines and requirements carefully to avoid any delays or rejections.

With proper planning and preparation, you can easily apply for umrah visa and embark on a spiritual journey of a lifetime.

What Documents Do You Need?

To apply for an umrah visa from bangladesh, you need a valid passport with six months of validity. Also, a passport-size photograph, completed visa application form, proof of confirmed hotel booking, and confirmed airline ticket booking also required. Documentation supporting financial stability is a must, and you need to present a vaccination certificate as required by the saudi government.

Ensuring all the documents mentioned above are present and correct will increase your chances of getting the umrah visa approval. The saudi embassy might also require additional documents depending on the case. Nonetheless, it’s important to go over the required documents list to avoid any mistakes or inconvenience.

Tips For A Successful Umrah Visa Application

Planning your umrah travel dates in advance is the first step towards a successful visa application. Choose a reliable travel agency who can guide you through the application process. Submit the application form accurately and provide the required documents. Regularly check your visa status and follow-up on your application if necessary.

Once you receive your visa, make sure to observe all the rules and regulations during your umrah journey. By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free application process and a successful journey to perform umrah.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Umrah is a holy pilgrimage to mecca, saudi arabia, that can be performed anytime except during the hajj season. To apply for an umrah visa from bangladesh, you will need to first select a tour operator who will help you with the visa processing.

It generally takes around 3-4 days to process an umrah visa, and the visa fees range from bdt 8,000 to bdt 18,000, depending on the duration of your stay. You can apply for an umrah visa online, but you will still have to visit the embassy in dhaka for biometric verification.

The validity of an umrah visa is generally 30-60 days, and overstaying in saudi arabia can result in a hefty penalty. Women and children must take necessary precautions during umrah, like wearing modest clothing, carrying identification, and staying close to their families.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Apply For Umrah Visa From Bangladesh


After going through the above-mentioned steps on how to apply for umrah visa in bangladesh, it is clear that the process is not as challenging as it may seem. You only need to have all the necessary documents, follow the procedures carefully, and be patient.

With the new guidelines by the saudi arabia government on umrah visa applications, it is crucial to adhere to all the new requirements. Remember, the visa process is just one part of the entire journey, and it is crucial to plan the rest of your trip in advance.

Before traveling to saudi arabia, ensure you familiarize yourself with the culture and laws of the country to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience. After obtaining your visa, you can now focus on preparing yourself spiritually and mentally for the experience of a lifetime.

May allah accept our umrah and make it easy for us.

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