Ippei Mizuhara Salary : How Much Does the ohtani interpreter Earn

Ippei Mizuhara is the interpreter of Shohei Ohtani, the Japanese baseball superstar who plays for the Los Angeles Angels in Major League Baseball (MLB). Ohtani is known as a two-way player who can pitch and hit at an elite level, making him one of the most valuable and exciting players in the league. He has been compared to the legendary Babe Ruth and has broken several records in his career.

Ippei Mizuhara Salary: How Much Does the Interpreter of Shohei Ohtani Earn?

But who is Ippei Mizuhara and how much does he earn as the interpreter of Ohtani? In this article, we will explore his background, role, and salary as the voice of the Japanese phenom.

Ippei Mizuhara Salary

Who is Ippei Mizuhara?

Ippei Mizuhara was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1986. He grew up playing baseball and was a catcher in high school. He attended Waseda University, one of the most prestigious universities in Japan, where he studied international relations. He also played baseball for the university team and was a teammate of Ohtani’s older brother, Sho Nakata, who is also a professional baseball player in Japan.

Mizuhara graduated from Waseda in 2009 and moved to the United States to pursue his dream of working in sports. He enrolled in a master’s program in sports management at Long Beach State University in California. He also worked as an intern for the Los Angeles Dodgers, where he helped with scouting and player development.

In 2012, he joined the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, the same team that drafted Ohtani in Japan. He worked as a scout and an interpreter for the team’s foreign players. He also became friends with Ohtani and helped him with his English skills.

In 2017, when Ohtani decided to move to the MLB, Mizuhara followed him as his personal interpreter. He signed a contract with the Los Angeles Angels, who won the bidding war for Ohtani’s services. Since then, he has been accompanying Ohtani to every game, practice, interview, and event. He has also been serving as a liaison between Ohtani and his teammates, coaches, media, fans, and sponsors.

What is Mizuhara’s role as an interpreter?

Mizuhara’s role as an interpreter is not just to translate words, but also to convey emotions, nuances, and cultural differences. He has to be accurate, fast, and clear in his communication. He also has to be familiar with baseball terminology and slang. He has to be flexible and adaptable to different situations and audiences. He has to be discreet and respectful of Ohtani’s privacy and preferences.

Mizuhara’s role is also to support Ohtani’s well-being and performance. He has to be attentive to Ohtani’s needs and feelings. He has to be encouraging and motivating when Ohtani faces challenges or struggles. He has to be calm and composed when Ohtani faces pressure or criticism. He has to be fun and friendly when Ohtani wants to relax or have fun.

Mizuhara’s role is also to bridge the gap between Ohtani and the rest of the world. He has to help Ohtani understand and adapt to the American culture and lifestyle. He has to help Ohtani connect and interact with his teammates, coaches, media, fans, and sponsors. He has to help Ohtani share his personality and story with the world.

How much does Mizuhara earn as an interpreter?

Mizuhara earns around $100,000 per year as an interpreter for Ohtani. This is based on the average salary of MLB interpreters, which ranges from $60,000 to $150,000 per year depending on experience and qualifications.

However, this does not include other sources of income that Mizuhara may have from endorsements or appearances. For example, Mizuhara has appeared in commercials for Rakuten Bank and Asahi Beer with Ohtani. He has also been featured in magazines and documentaries about Ohtani.

Additionally, Mizuhara may receive bonuses or incentives from Ohtani or the Angels based on Ohtani’s performance or achievements. For example, when Ohtani won the American League Rookie of the Year award in 2018, he reportedly gave $150,000 of his prize money to his support staff, including Mizuhara.

Therefore, it is possible that Mizuhara earns more than $100,000 per year as an interpreter for Ohtani.


Ippei Mizuhara is more than just an interpreter for Shohei Ohtani. He is a friend, a confidant, a mentor, and a partner. He is an essential part of Ohtani’s success and happiness in the MLB. He is also a respected and admired figure in the baseball world.

Mizuhara earns a decent salary as an interpreter for Ohtani, but he also enjoys other benefits and opportunities from his association with the Japanese superstar. He has a fulfilling and rewarding career that allows him to pursue his passion for sports and to make a positive impact on the world.

Most Asked Questions and Answers

Q: How old is Ippei Mizuhara? A: Ippei Mizuhara is 37 years old as of 2023.

Q: How long has Mizuhara been working as an interpreter for Ohtani?

A: Mizuhara has been working as an interpreter for Ohtani since 2017 when Ohtani moved to the MLB.

Q: How did Mizuhara and Ohtani meet?

A: Mizuhara and Ohtani met in 2012, when they both joined the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters in Japan. Mizuhara was a scout and an interpreter for the team, while Ohtani was a rookie player.

Q: How well does Mizuhara speak English? A: Mizuhara speaks fluent English, as he studied in the United States for his master’s degree and worked as an intern for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Q: How well does Ohtani speak English?

A: Ohtani speaks basic English, as he has been learning from Mizuhara and other sources since he was in Japan. He can communicate with his teammates and coaches, but he prefers to use Mizuhara as his interpreter for interviews and events.

Q: Does Mizuhara live with Ohtani?

A: No, Mizuhara does not live with Ohtani. They have their own separate residences in Los Angeles.

Q: Does Mizuhara have a family or a girlfriend?

A: Mizuhara has not publicly revealed any information about his family or personal life.

Q: Does Mizuhara play baseball himself?

A: Yes, Mizuhara plays baseball as a hobby. He was a catcher in high school and college, and he still plays in amateur leagues.

Q: Does Mizuhara have any other interests or hobbies?

A: Yes, Mizuhara has other interests and hobbies, such as traveling, reading, watching movies, and listening to music.

Q: Does Mizuhara have any social media accounts?

A: Yes, Mizuhara has an Instagram account (@ippeimiz) where he posts photos and videos of his life and work with Ohtani.

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