Josh Addo-Carr Salary and Net Worth 2023: The Flying Fox of Rugby League

Josh Addo-Carr is one of the most exciting and explosive players in the National Rugby League (NRL), the premier rugby league competition in Australia and New Zealand. The 28-year-old winger, who currently plays for the Canterbury Bulldogs, is known for his blistering speed, acrobatic tries, and charismatic personality. He is also a proud Indigenous Australian, who represents his Gunggandji, Birrbay and Wiradjuri heritage with pride and passion.

Josh Addo-Carr Salary per game

In this article, we will take a closer look at Josh Addo-Carr’s life and career, including his salary, net worth, contract, education, partner, family, and bio. We will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Foxx, as he is affectionately nicknamed by his fans and teammates.

Josh Addo-Carr’s Salary and Net Worth

As one of the NRL’s top players, Josh Addo-Carr commands a hefty salary from his club. The signed a four-year deal with the Bulldogs in 2021, worth around $2 million. This means he earns about $500,000 per year, or about $9,600 per week.

However, this does not include his earnings from representative games, such as State of Origin and international matches. He could earn up to $100,000 per game for playing for the NSW Blues or the Kangaroos. He could also earn bonuses for winning trophies or awards.

Additionally, Josh Addo-Carr has several endorsement deals and sponsorships that boost his income. He is currently sponsored by Nike, Red Bull, and Lets Trot, among others. He also has his own clothing line called Foxx Brand, which sells merchandise featuring his signature logo and catchphrase.

Taking all these factors into account, Josh Addo-Carr’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million as of 2023. This makes him one of the richest rugby league players in the world.

Josh Addo-Carr’s Contract

Josh Addo-Carr’s current contract with the Bulldogs runs until the end of 2025. He joined the club in 2021 after spending five successful seasons with the Melbourne Storm, where he won two NRL premierships and three minor premierships.

Josh Addo-Carr’s contract with the Bulldogs was a controversial one, as he initially agreed to join them in 2020 but changed his mind due to personal reasons. He then negotiated a release from the Storm on the condition that he would return to Sydney to be closer to his family.

However, Josh Addo-Carr’s contract with the Bulldogs also has a unique clause that allows him to switch positions from winger to fullback after his first year. This was one of his main motivations for joining the club, as he wanted to challenge himself and play in a different role.

Josh Addo-Carr has expressed his excitement and gratitude for joining the Bulldogs, saying that he hopes to help them return to their glory days and win more titles. He also said that he wants to be a leader and a role model for the young players and the community.

Josh Addo-Carr’s Education

Josh Addo-Carr attended Matraville Sports High School in Sydney, where he excelled in both academics and sports. He graduated in 2013 with good grades and a passion for rugby league.

He also completed a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation at TAFE NSW in 2014, which gave him skills and knowledge in coaching, officiating, event management, and fitness.

Josh Addo-Carr has said that education is important to him and that he wants to inspire other young Indigenous people to pursue their dreams and goals. He has also expressed interest in studying business or law in the future.

Josh Addo-Carr’s Partner

Josh Addo-Carr is currently engaged to Lakaree Smith, who is also an Indigenous Australian from the Wiradjuri nation. The couple have been together since 2015 and have two children: a son named Jaiyden (born in 2016) and a daughter named Zara (born in 2019).

Josh Addo-Carr proposed to Lakaree in December 2020 during a family holiday in Byron Bay. He shared the happy news on his Instagram account with a photo of him holding her hand with a ring on it. He captioned it: “She said yes \uD83D\uDE0D\uD83D\uDC8D I love you my queen \uD83D\uDC51”.

Lakaree is very supportive of Josh’s career and often attends his games with their children. She also runs her own business called Lakaree Lashes, which offers eyelash extensions and beauty services.

Josh Addo-Carr’s Family

Josh Addo-Carr comes from a large and loving family that has a strong connection to rugby league. His grandfather is Wally Carr, a legendary boxer who won 53 professional fights and was inducted into the Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame. His uncle is Nathan Blacklock, a former NRL star who played for the St George Illawarra Dragons and the Sydney Roosters. His cousin is Blake Ferguson, another NRL star who plays for the Parramatta Eels.

Josh Addo-Carr’s mother is Sandra Carr, who raised him as a single parent in Blacktown. She moved him away from the negative influences of drugs, alcohol, and violence that surrounded them and gave him a better life. She also encouraged him to pursue his rugby league dreams and supported him throughout his career.

Josh Addo-Carr’s father is Troy Addo, who was absent for most of his childhood. He reconnected with him when he was 18 and has since developed a good relationship with him. He also has a half-brother named Troy Jr., who is 10 years younger than him.

Josh Addo-Carr’s Bio

Josh Addo-Carr was born on July 28, 1995, in Blacktown, Sydney. He started playing rugby league at the age of three for the Doonside Roos, a local club in his neighborhood. He then played for the Earlwood Saints, the La Perouse Panthers, and the Moore Park Broncos in his junior years.

He made his NRL debut in 2016 for the Wests Tigers, where he played 9 games and scored 6 tries. He then joined the Melbourne Storm in 2017, where he became one of the best wingers in the competition. He played 122 games and scored 96 tries for the Storm, winning two NRL premierships (2017 and 2020), three minor premierships (2017, 2019, and 2020), and one World Club Challenge (2018).

He also represented the NSW Blues in State of Origin, where he played 12 games and scored 8 tries. He won three series with the Blues (2018, 2019, and 2021). He also represented the Kangaroos in international matches, where he played 6 games and scored 5 tries. He won one Rugby League World Cup with the Kangaroos (2017).

He joined the Canterbury Bulldogs in 2021, where he hopes to play as a fullback and lead the club to success.

Josh Addo-Carr is widely regarded as one of the fastest players in rugby league history, clocking speeds of up to 38 km/h on the field. He is also known for his trademark celebration of pointing to his chest and saying “let’s trot”, which means “let’s go” in Aboriginal slang.

He is a proud Indigenous Australian who uses his platform to raise awareness and support for various causes, such as mental health, domestic violence prevention, reconciliation, and education. He is also a devout Christian who credits his faith for helping him overcome his challenges and achieve his goals.


Josh Addo-Carr is more than just a rugby league player. He is a role model, a leader, a father, a partner, a son, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin, a friend, and a hero to many people. He is an inspiration to all who know him and watch him play.


Most Asked Questions About Josh Addo-Carr

  1. How fast is Josh Addo-Carr?

Josh Addo-Carr is one of the fastest players in rugby league history. He has clocked speeds of up to 38 km/h on the field, which is faster than some Olympic sprinters. He has also outrun some of the NRL’s quickest players, such as James Roberts, Latrell Mitchell, and James Tedesco.

  1. What does “let’s trot” mean?

“Let’s trot” is Josh Addo-Carr’s signature catchphrase that he says after scoring a try or making a big play. It means “let’s go” or “let’s do this” in Aboriginal slang. It is also a tribute to his grandfather Wally Carr, who used to say it before entering the boxing ring.

  1. What tattoos does Josh Addo-Carr have?

Josh Addo-Carr has several tattoos on his body that represent his family, culture, faith, and career. Some of his tattoos include:

  • A portrait of his grandfather Wally Carr on his chest
  • The words “Family First” on his chest
  • The Aboriginal flag on his right arm
  • The words “God Is Great” on his right arm
  • The words “Dream Big” on his left arm
  • The words “Let’s Trot” on his left arm
  • The NRL premiership trophy on his left leg
  • The World
  • The World Cup trophy on his right leg
  • The State of Origin shield on his right leg
  • The words “Jaiyden” and “Zara” on his wrists, which are the names of his children
  1. What is Josh Addo-Carr’s ethnicity?

Josh Addo-Carr is an Indigenous Australian who belongs to three different Aboriginal nations: the Gunggandji, the Birrbay, and the Wiradjuri. He is very proud of his heritage and often displays it on and off the field. He wears the Indigenous jersey for the Storm, the Blues, and the Kangaroos, which features designs and symbols from his culture. He also performs a traditional dance after scoring a try, which is a way of celebrating and honoring his ancestors.

  1. What is Josh Addo-Carr’s religion?

Josh Addo-Carr is a Christian who believes in God and Jesus Christ. He credits his faith for helping him overcome his challenges and achieve his goals. He often prays before and after games and thanks God for his blessings. He also wears a cross necklace and has a tattoo of a cross on his chest.

  1. What awards has Josh Addo-Carr won?

Josh Addo-Carr has won several awards and honors throughout his career, both individually and as part of a team. Some of them include:

  • Two NRL premierships (2017 and 2020) with the Melbourne Storm
  • Three minor premierships (2017, 2019, and 2020) with the Melbourne Storm
  • One World Club Challenge (2018) with the Melbourne Storm
  • Three State of Origin series (2018, 2019, and 2021) with the NSW Blues
  • One Rugby League World Cup (2017) with the Kangaroos
  • One Dally M Winger of the Year (2017)
  • One Dally M Try of the Year (2017)
  • One NRL Try of the Year (2019)
  • One NRL Top Try Scorer (2020)
  • One NRL All Stars selection (2020)
  • Four NRL Team of the Year selections (2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020)
  • Three State of Origin Team of the Series selections (2018, 2019, and 2021)
  1. What is Josh Addo-Carr’s nickname?

Josh Addo-Carr’s nickname is “The Foxx” or “The Flying Fox”, which is a reference to his speed, agility, and appearance. He got this nickname from his former Storm teammate Cooper Cronk, who compared him to a fox after seeing him run on the field. The nickname stuck and became popular among his fans and teammates.

  1. What are Josh Addo-Carr’s hobbies?

Josh Addo-Carr has many hobbies and interests outside of rugby league. Some of them are:

  • Fishing: Josh Addo-Carr loves fishing and often goes fishing with his family and friends. He also participates in fishing competitions and has won some prizes.
  • Music: Josh Addo-Carr enjoys listening to music and singing along to his favorite songs. He also plays the guitar and drums.
  • Gaming: Josh Addo-Carr likes playing video games, especially FIFA, NBA 2K, Call of Duty, and Fortnite. He also streams his gameplay on Twitch sometimes.
  • Fashion: Josh Addo-Carr has a keen sense of fashion and likes dressing up in stylish outfits. He also has his own clothing line called Foxx Brand, which sells merchandise featuring his logo and catchphrase.
  • Traveling: Josh Addo-Carr likes traveling and exploring new places. He has visited many countries around the world, such as New Zealand, Fiji, England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria,

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