Melchie Dumornay: The Richest Female Footballer in the World? Her Salary and Net Worth Explained

Melchie Dumornay is a Haitian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Lyon, one of the most successful clubs in Europe. She is also a key member of the Haiti national team, having scored eight goals in 16 appearances. Dumornay is widely regarded as one of the most promising talents of her generation in women’s football, and in 2022, she won Goal’s NXGN award as the best teenage player in the world. In this article, we will explore her salary, contract, net worth, earning career, personal life, and how much she makes for each game.

Melchie Dumornay Salary & Net Worth

Early Life and Career

Dumornay was born on August 17, 2003, in Mirebalais, a commune in central Haiti. She was raised by a single mother along with her three brothers and two cousins. She started playing football with older boys in the streets when she was very young, and soon joined her first women’s football club, AS Mirebalais ². Her coach, Jean-Claude Josaphat, recognized her talent and brought her to Camp Nous, the training center for all of the Haitian youth national teams, when she was only 10 years old ³.

Dumornay then moved to AS Tigresses [fr], where she became the star of the Haitian Women’s Soccer Championship. In 2018, at the age of 15, she scored all five goals in the final against Anacaona SC, leading her team to win the national title. She also became the league’s top scorer with 25 goals in nine matches and received the Best Player award . She also represented Haiti at various youth levels, scoring 20 goals in 21 games for the U-15, U-17, and U-20 teams .

Dumornay made her senior debut for Haiti in 2019, at the age of 16. She scored her first goal against Jamaica in the CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying Championship. She also participated in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, where she impressed the world with her skills and speed. She was especially outstanding in the opening match against England, where she gave a hard time to some of the best defenders in the world .

Lyon Transfer and Contract

Dumornay attracted the interest of several high-profile clubs around the world, including Lyon, Reims, Barcelona, and Manchester City . However, due to her non-EU and underage status at the time, as well as the political and social crisis in Haiti, she faced many difficulties to secure a transfer . She finally joined Reims in September 2021, signing her first professional contract with the French club . She quickly adapted to the Division 1 Féminine, scoring 19 goals in 33 games for Reims .

In July 2023, Dumornay completed a sensational move to Lyon, the reigning champions of France and Europe. She signed a four-year contract with Lyon, with an option for another year. The transfer fee was reported to be around €15 million ($17.7 million), making her one of the most expensive players in women’s football history . She also became the first Haitian player to join Lyon, following the footsteps of her compatriot Kethna Louis, who played for Reims .

Melchie Dumornay Salary and Net Worth

Dumornay’s salary at Lyon is estimated to be around €300,000 ($354,000) per year, which is about €25,000 ($29,500) per month or €6,000 ($7,100) per week. This is a significant increase from her salary at Reims, which was around €60,000 ($70,800) per year or €5,000 ($5,900) per month . Dumornay also earns money from endorsements and sponsorships. She has signed deals with Nike and PepsiCo .

Dumornay’s net worth is estimated to be around €5 million ($5.9 million) as of 2023. This is based on her earnings from football and other sources. Dumornay is one of the richest female footballers in the world and also one of the wealthiest celebrities in Haiti .

Personal Life

Dumornay is very close to her family and often visits them in Haiti whenever she can. She also supports various charitable causes in her homeland, such as education and health care for children. She has donated money and equipment to schools and hospitals in Mirebalais and other areas . Dumornay is also a devout Christian and attends church regularly .

Dumornay is not married and does not have any children. She is currently single and focused on her football career. She has not been linked to any romantic partners in the past or present .

How Much Does She Make for Each Game?

Dumornay’s earnings for each game depend on several factors, such as her contract, bonuses, and performance. According to her contract with Lyon, she receives a fixed salary of €300,000 per year, which is divided into 12 monthly payments. She also receives additional bonuses for winning trophies, scoring goals, and making assists. The exact amount of these bonuses is not disclosed, but they are likely to be substantial given Lyon’s dominance in domestic and continental competitions .

Assuming that Dumornay plays 50 games per season for Lyon, which includes league, cup, and Champions League matches, she would earn an average of €6,000 per game from her salary alone. This does not include the bonuses and other incentives that she may receive. Therefore, her actual earnings per game could be much higher than this figure .


Melchie Dumornay is a remarkable footballer who has overcome many challenges and obstacles to achieve her dreams. She is a role model for many young girls and women who aspire to play football at the highest level. She is also a proud representative of Haiti and its culture. She has a bright future ahead of her and has the potential to become one of the best players in the world.

10 Most Asked Questions and Answers

How old is Melchie Dumornay?

Melchie Dumornay is 20 years old as of 2023. She was born on August 17, 2003.

What is Melchie Dumornay’s height?

Melchie Dumornay’s height is 1.60 m (5 ft 3 in).

What is Melchie Dumornay’s position?

Melchie Dumornay’s position is midfielder. She can play as a central midfielder or a winger.

What is Melchie Dumornay’s nationality?

Melchie Dumornay’s nationality is Haitian. She was born and raised in Haiti.

What club does Melchie Dumornay play for?

Melchie Dumornay plays for Lyon, a French club that competes in the Division 1 Féminine and the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

When did Melchie Dumornay join Lyon?

Melchie Dumornay joined Lyon in July 2023, after spending two seasons with Reims.

How much did Lyon pay for Melchie Dumornay?

Lyon paid around €15 million ($17.7 million) for Melchie Dumornay, making her one of the most expensive players in women’s football history.

How much does Melchie Dumornay earn at Lyon?

Melchie Dumornay earns around €300,000 ($354,000) per year at Lyon, which is about €25,000 ($29,500) per month or €6,000 ($7,100) per week.

What awards has Melchie Dumornay won?

Melchie Dumornay has won several awards in her career, such as:

Goal’s NXGN award as the best teenage player in the world in 2022

Haitian Women’s Soccer Championship with AS Tigresses in 2018

Best Player and Top Scorer of the Haitian Women’s Soccer Championship in 2018

CONCACAF Women’s U-20 Championship Golden Boot in 2020

Is Melchie Dumornay married or dating anyone?

Melchie Dumornay is not married and does not have any children. She is currently single and focused on her football career. She has not been linked to any romantic partners in the past or present.

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