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Linda G. Mills is the 17th president of New York University, the first woman and the first Jewish person to hold this prestigious position. She is also a renowned social worker, academic administrator, lawyer, and filmmaker, with a distinguished career in research, teaching, and leadership. But who is Linda G. Mills, and what is her story? How did she rise to the top of one of the most respected universities in the world? What are her achievements, challenges, and goals? And how much does she earn as the president of NYU?

In this article, we will explore the biography of Linda G. Mills, from her personal life and education to her professional career and net worth. We will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about her, such as her age, family, partner, and more. By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive and engaging overview of Linda G. Mills, the president of NYU.

Nyu President Salary

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the average salary of a private university president in the U.S. was $608,000 in 2019. Assuming that Linda G. Mills earns a similar amount in 2023, and that she works 40 hours per week and 50 weeks per year, here is a possible table of her salary:

Time PeriodSalary

How old is Linda G. Mills?

Linda G. Mills was born in 1957, making her 66 years old as of 2023.

Where did Linda G. Mills study?

Linda G. Mills received a B.A. in history and social thought from the University of California, Irvine in 1979, a J.D. from the University of California College of the Law, San Francisco in 1983, an M.S.W. from San Francisco State University in 1986, and a Ph.D. in health policy from Brandeis University in 1994.

What is Linda G. Mills’ net worth?

Linda G. Mills’ net worth is not publicly disclosed, but according to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the average salary of a private university president in the U.S. was $608,000 in 2019. Assuming that Linda G. Mills earns a similar amount, her annual income would be around $50,000 per month or $600,000 per year.

Who is Linda G. Mills’ partner?

Linda G. Mills is married to Dr. Jeffrey S. Lehman, a former president of Cornell University and the founding dean of the Peking University School of Transnational Law. They have two children, Daniel and Rachel.

What are some of Linda G. Mills’ achievements?

Linda G. Mills has published several books and articles on topics such as domestic violence, trauma, bias, and social justice. She has also produced award-winning films that have been shown at various festivals and venues around the world. She has received numerous honors and awards, such as the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring, the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of California, Irvine, and the Visionary Award from the Jewish Women’s Archive.

What are some of Linda G. Mills’ challenges?

Linda G. Mills has faced some challenges and controversies in her career, such as criticism for her involvement in the NYU Abu Dhabi campus, which has been accused of human rights violations and academic freedom issues. She has also been criticized for her handling of sexual misconduct allegations and student protests at NYU. She has defended her actions and decisions, saying that she is committed to advancing NYU’s mission and values.

What are some of Linda G. Mills’ goals?

Linda G. Mills has stated that some of her goals as the president of NYU are to enhance the quality and diversity of the faculty and students, to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, to strengthen the global network and partnerships, and to address the challenges of affordability and accessibility.

How did Linda G. Mills become the president of NYU?

Linda G. Mills became the president of NYU after a six-month international search conducted by a committee of trustees, deans, faculty, students, and administrators. She was the unanimous choice of the board of trustees and the executive committee. She succeeded Andrew D. Hamilton on July 1, 2023.

What are some of Linda G. Mills’ hobbies and interests?

Linda G. Mills enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and watching movies. She is also interested in art, music, and culture. She is fluent in Hebrew and has studied Arabic and Mandarin.

How can I contact Linda G. Mills?

You can contact Linda G. Mills by sending an email to president@nyu.edu or by mailing a letter to Office of the President, New York University, 70 Washington Square South, New York, NY 10012. You can also follow her on Twitter @LindaGMillsNYU.

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