Prepaid Meter Balance Check BD 2023

Prepaid Meter Balance Check BD is an online service that allows customers to check their prepaid meter balance. This service can be accessed through the website of any electricity distribution company in Bangladesh, such as DESCO or PDB. Customers need to log in using their customer ID and password, then proceed to select the option “Prepaid Meter Balance” from the menu bar on the left side of the page.

The current balance amount will be displayed on a new webpage that opens up. It is important for customers to keep track of their usage and make payments promptly so they do not face any disconnection due to insufficient credit in their accounts.

The introduction of prepaid meter balance check bd is a great step forward for Bangladesh. It helps people to track their electricity usage and pay for only what they need, without having to worry about any unexpected bills. The system also allows users to top up their accounts in a convenient manner with multiple payment options available. This way, people can save money by avoiding late fees or overpayment of bills!


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How Can I Check My Prepaid Meter Balance in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there are several ways to check your prepaid meter balance. • Send an SMS with the text “BAL” or “Balance” to 16222 from your registered mobile number and you will receive a reply message containing your current balance. • You can also call 1212 from any registered phone number and follow the voice prompts for balance information.

• Alternatively, local outlets may offer this service depending on their location. It is important to know how much credit is remaining in order to ensure uninterrupted services over time.

You Can Check Your Prepaid Meter Balance Via Sms Or Online Portal Provided by the Electricity Distribution Company in Bangladesh

A prepaid meter balance can be checked in Bangladesh through two ways: * SMS – by sending an SMS request to the distribution company. * Online portal – provided by the electricity distribution company.

It is important to regularly check your prepaid meter balance, so that you do not run out of credit and incur service disruptions.


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What Information Do I Need to Provide to Check My Prepaid Meter Balance

To check your prepaid meter balance, you will need to provide the following information: * Meter Number * Account/Customer Number

* Zip Code or Postal Code In some cases, you may also be required to input other personal details such as full name and address. Ensure that all information provided is accurate and up-to-date in order to receive an accurate balance reading.

You Will Need to Provide Your Consumer Id, Registration Number And Mobile Phone Number Associated With the Meter for Checking the Balance of Your Prepaid Meter

Providing your consumer ID, registration number and mobile phone number associated with the prepaid meter is required to check the balance. The following information should be given: – Consumer ID

– Registration Number – Mobile Phone Number associated with the Meter. Ensuring that you provide all requested details helps ensure a quick and successful process in checking your balance.


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Is There Any Cost Involved for Checking My Prepaid Meter Balance

Yes, there is a cost involved for checking your prepaid meter balance. The costs depend on the electricity provider in your area and the type of prepaid meter you have: • Pay-as-you-go meters may require an upfront fee to check your balance.

• Smart meters may have no additional charge or only a small amount. • You can check with your electricity provider for specific details about their fees for meter readings.



The Prepaid Meter Balance Check Bd is a great tool for individuals who want to make sure they stay on top of their energy bills. With its convenient online portal, users can easily check their current balance and purchase additional electricity units when needed. In addition, the site also provides helpful tips and reminders that help consumers stay informed about the status of their accounts.

With this information at hand, it’s easier than ever to keep track of your budget and ensure you have enough electricity for all your needs.

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