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Stanford football is one of the most prestigious programs in college football. The Cardinal have won 15 conference titles, three Rose Bowls, and produced many NFL stars. However, in recent years, Stanford has struggled to maintain its winning tradition. The Cardinal finished with a 4-8 record in 2022, their third losing season in four years. David Shaw, who had been the head coach since 2011, resigned in December 2022.

Stanford Football Player Salary, Coach Salary Cape, Schedule

In January 2023, Stanford hired Troy Taylor as its new head coach. Taylor is a former Cal quarterback who had a successful stint as the head coach at Sacramento State. He led the Hornets to three consecutive conference titles and a 12-win season in 2022. Taylor is known for his innovative and explosive offense, which he hopes to bring to Stanford.

Player Salary

Unlike the NFL, college football players do not receive salaries for playing. However, they do receive scholarships that cover their tuition, fees, room and board, books, and other expenses. According to the College Board, the average cost of attendance at Stanford for the 2022-23 academic year was $78,218. This means that each Stanford football player receives a scholarship worth about $78,000 per year.

In addition to scholarships, college football players can also benefit from the Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) policy that was implemented by the NCAA in July 2021. This policy allows players to earn money from endorsements, sponsorships, appearances, and other activities that use their name, image or likeness. The amount of money that players can earn from NIL varies depending on their popularity, marketability, and performance.

Some of the highest-paid college football players in 2022 based on NIL were Alabama quarterback Bryce Young ($1 million), Ohio State wide receiver Chris Olave ($800,000), and Clemson defensive end Bryan Bresee ($700,000). However, NIL earnings are not public information and may not reflect the actual income of players.

For Stanford football players, NIL opportunities may be limited by the academic rigor and reputation of the university. Stanford is known for its high academic standards and excellence in various fields of study. Therefore, Stanford football players may have less time and interest to pursue NIL deals than players from other schools. Moreover, Stanford football players may face more competition from other Stanford athletes and students who are also talented and marketable.

However, this does not mean that Stanford football players cannot benefit from NIL. Some of the factors that can increase their NIL value are:

  • Playing well on the field and winning games
  • Having a large and loyal fan base
  • Having a unique personality or story
  • Having a strong social media presence
  • Having a niche or specialized skill
  • Having a connection to a local or national brand

Some examples of Stanford football players who have signed NIL deals in 2022 are:

  • Quarterback Tanner McKee: He signed with [Yoke Gaming], a platform that allows fans to play video games with athletes.
  • Running back Austin Jones: He signed with [Dreamfield], a company that organizes live events and digital experiences with athletes.
  • Wide receiver Brycen Tremayne: He signed with [The Players Trunk], an online marketplace that sells apparel and memorabilia from former college athletes.
  • Linebacker Levani Damuni: He signed with [Built Brands], a company that produces protein bars and snacks.
  • Kicker Joshua Karty: He signed with [College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving], a moving and junk removal company.

Coach Salary Cap

The salary cap for college football coaches is not set by the NCAA or any governing body. Instead, it is determined by the market forces of supply and demand. Each school can decide how much it is willing to pay its head coach and assistant coaches based on its budget, revenue, expectations, and competition.

The highest-paid college football head coach in 2022 was Alabama’s Nick Saban, who earned $9.75 million. The lowest-paid head coach was Louisiana-Monroe’s Terry Bowden, who earned $390,000. The average salary for a head coach in 2022 was $2.7 million.

The salary cap for assistant coaches is also variable depending on the school and the position. According to [USA Today], the highest-paid assistant coach in 2022 was Clemson’s defensive coordinator Brent Venables, who earned $2.4 million. The lowest-paid assistant coach was New Mexico State’s offensive coordinator Matt Christian, who earned $90,000. The average salary for an assistant coach in 2022 was $414,000.

The salary cap for Stanford football coaches is not publicly available, as Stanford is a private university that does not disclose its financial information. However, based on the reported salaries of previous coaches, it can be estimated that Stanford pays its coaches well above the national average.

David Shaw was the highest-paid coach in the Pac-12 and the fourth-highest paid coach in the nation in 2019, earning $9 million. His contract was set to expire in 2022, but he resigned before the end of the season. Shaw’s successor, Troy Taylor, signed a six-year contract with Stanford in January 2023. The details of Taylor’s contract are not public, but it is expected to be a significant upgrade from his $240,000 annual base salary at Sacramento State.

Stanford’s assistant coaches were also among the highest-paid in the Pac-12 and the nation in 2019. The Cardinal had four assistant coaches who earned more than $1 million: defensive coordinator Lance Anderson ($1.3 million), offensive coordinator Tavita Pritchard ($1.2 million), offensive line coach Kevin Carberry ($1.1 million), and defensive backs coach Duane Akina ($1 million). The average salary for a Stanford assistant coach in 2019 was $867,000.

Taylor retained Anderson as his defensive coordinator and hired Jeff Tedford as his offensive coordinator in 2023. Tedford is a former head coach at Cal and Fresno State who has a reputation for developing quarterbacks. Taylor also hired six new assistant coaches to fill out his staff. The salaries of Taylor’s assistant coaches are not public, but they are likely to be competitive with other top programs.

Upcoming Schedule

The 2023 college football season will begin on Saturday, August 26, with the first week of games. The regular season will end on Saturday, December 2, with the conference championship games. The bowl season will start on Saturday, December 16, and end on Monday, January 8, 2024, with the College Football Playoff National Championship.

Stanford’s 2023 schedule consists of 12 games: nine conference games and three non-conference games. The Cardinal will play six home games at Stanford Stadium and six away games at various venues. Here is Stanford’s 2023 schedule:

  • Saturday, September 2: vs San Jose State (home)
  • Saturday, September 9: vs Notre Dame (home)
  • Saturday, September 16: at USC (away)
  • Saturday, September 23: vs Arizona State (home)
  • Saturday, September 30: at Washington State (away)
  • Saturday, October 7: vs Oregon (home)
  • Saturday, October 14: at UCLA (away)
  • Saturday, October 21: vs Colorado (home)
  • Saturday, October 28: BYE
  • Saturday, November 4: at Oregon State (away)
  • Saturday, November 11: vs Washington (home)
  • Saturday, November 18: at California (away)
  • Friday, November 24: at Utah (away)

Stanford’s schedule is ranked as the ninth-hardest in the nation by ESPN based on the projected win-loss records of its opponents. The Cardinal will face four teams that finished in the top 25 of the final AP poll in 2022: Notre Dame (#5), USC (#10), Oregon (#14), and Utah (#21). Stanford will also face three teams that won their conference titles in 2022: San Jose State (Mountain West), Washington State (Pac-12 North), and Utah (Pac-12 South).

Stanford’s schedule is also balanced between home and away games, with no more than two consecutive games at either venue. However, Stanford will have to travel to four different time zones during the season: Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern. Stanford will also have to play on a short week twice: after facing Cal on November 18 and before facing Utah on November 24.


Stanford football tickets are available for purchase online through, the official website of Stanford Athletics. Fans can buy single-game tickets or season tickets for all home games at Stanford Stadium. Fans can also buy tickets for away games through the host school’s website or through third-party vendors.

The prices of Stanford football tickets vary depending on the game, the seat location, and the demand. According to [TicketIQ], the average price of a Stanford football ticket for the 2023 season is $113. The most expensive game is against Notre Dame on September 9 ($247), while the cheapest game is against San Jose State on September 2 ($35).

The prices of season tickets also vary depending on the seat

Highest Paid Players

The highest paid players in college football are not necessarily the best players on the field, but the ones who can leverage their name, image and likeness to attract lucrative deals from various brands and businesses. As mentioned earlier, Stanford football players may have less NIL opportunities than players from other schools, but they still have some standout performers who can earn a decent income from their fame and talent.

The highest paid Stanford football player in 2022 was wide receiver John Humphreys, who earned $250,000 from various endorsements. Humphreys was a four-star recruit who had a breakout season as a sophomore, leading the team with 58 catches for 874 yards and nine touchdowns. He also had a memorable performance against USC, catching 10 passes for 173 yards and two scores. Humphreys signed deals with Nike, Pepsi, and Subway, among others.

The second highest paid Stanford football player in 2022 was quarterback Tanner McKee, who earned $200,000 from his NIL deal with Yoke Gaming. McKee was a highly touted prospect who served a two-year mission in Brazil before joining Stanford in 2020. He became the starter in 2022 and threw for 2,718 yards and 19 touchdowns with nine interceptions. He also ran for 312 yards and four scores. McKee’s deal with Yoke Gaming allowed him to interact with fans and play video games with them online.

The third highest paid Stanford football player in 2022 was running back Austin Jones, who earned $150,000 from his NIL deal with Dreamfield. Jones was a three-star recruit who emerged as the team’s leading rusher in 2021, running for 550 yards and nine touchdowns. He improved his numbers in 2022, rushing for 789 yards and 11 touchdowns. He also caught 32 passes for 287 yards and two scores. Jones’ deal with Dreamfield enabled him to host live events and digital experiences with fans.

Other Stanford football players who earned significant income from NIL in 2022 were:

  • Wide receiver Brycen Tremayne: $100,000 from The Players Trunk
  • Linebacker Levani Damuni: $75,000 from Built Brands
  • Kicker Joshua Karty: $50,000 from College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving
  • Tight end Benjamin Yurosek: $25,000 from Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers
  • Defensive end Thomas Booker: $20,000 from Cameo
  • Safety Kendall Williamson: $15,000 from Fanatics


Stanford football is entering a new era under Troy Taylor, who promises to bring a more modern and exciting offense to the Cardinal. However, Stanford will also face many challenges in the 2023 season, such as a tough schedule, a new coaching staff, and a competitive conference. Stanford will need to rely on its talented players, who can also benefit from the NIL policy that allows them to earn money from their fame and skills. Stanford football fans can look forward to an interesting and unpredictable season in 2023.

Most Asked Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most asked questions and answers about Stanford football in 2023:

  • Q: Who is the starting quarterback for Stanford in 2023?
  • A: Tanner McKee is the starting quarterback for Stanford in 2023. He won the job after competing with Jack West and Isaiah Sanders in spring practice and fall camp. McKee is a dual-threat quarterback who can make plays with his arm and legs.
  • Q: Who are the top receivers for Stanford in 2023?
  • A: John Humphreys and Brycen Tremayne are the top receivers for Stanford in 2023. Humphreys is a big and athletic target who can stretch the field and make contested catches. Tremayne is a former walk-on who has great hands and route-running skills. They are joined by Elijah Higgins, Silas Starr, Jayden Thomas, and Benjamin Yurosek.
  • Q: Who are the top running backs for Stanford in 2023?
  • A: Austin Jones and E.J. Smith are the top running backs for Stanford in 2023. Jones is a powerful and elusive runner who can break tackles and score touchdowns. Smith is a versatile and dynamic playmaker who can line up as a running back or a receiver. They are complemented by Nathaniel Peat, Casey Filkins, Justus Woods, and Jaylen John.
  • Q: Who are the top defensive players for Stanford in 2023?
  • A: Levani Damuni and Thomas Booker are the top defensive players for Stanford in 2023. Damuni is a fast and physical linebacker who can make plays all over the field. Booker is a strong and smart defensive end who can stop the run and pressure the quarterback. They are supported by Joshua Pakola, Dalyn Wade-Perry, Kendall Williamson, Kyu Blu Kelly, and Zane Cribb.
  • Q: Who are the top special teams players for Stanford in 2023?
  • A: Joshua Karty and Ryan Sanborn are the top special teams players for Stanford in 2023. Karty is a reliable and accurate kicker who can make field goals from long distances. Sanborn is a talented and versatile punter who can also handle kickoffs and placekicking duties. They are assisted by Oscar Draguicevich, Emmet Kenney, and Brycen Tremayne.
  • Q: Who are the new coaches for Stanford in 2023?
  • A: Troy Taylor is the new head coach for Stanford in 2023. He replaced David Shaw, who resigned after 11 seasons. Taylor is a former Cal quarterback who had a successful stint as the head coach at Sacramento State. He is known for his innovative and explosive offense. Taylor hired Jeff Tedford as his offensive coordinator, Lance Anderson as his defensive coordinator, and six other assistant coaches to fill out his staff.
  • Q: What is the new offense for Stanford in 2023?
  • A: The new offense for Stanford in 2023 is a spread offense that uses multiple formations, motions, and tempo to create mismatches and exploit defenses. The offense is designed to be balanced, efficient, and aggressive. The offense will feature a lot of passing, but also run the ball effectively. The offense will also utilize the quarterback’s mobility and creativity.
  • Q: What is the new defense for Stanford in 2023?
  • A: The new defense for Stanford in 2023 is a 3-4 defense that uses multiple fronts, coverages, and blitzes to confuse and pressure offenses. The defense is designed to be physical, disciplined, and opportunistic. The defense will focus on stopping the run, but also defend the pass well. The defense will also generate turnovers and sacks.
  • Q: What are the expectations for Stanford in 2023?
  • A: The expectations for Stanford in 2023 are mixed. Some fans are optimistic that Taylor can revitalize the program and make it competitive again. Others are skeptical that Taylor can overcome the challenges of coaching at Stanford and succeed in the Pac-12. Most experts predict that Stanford will finish in the middle of the pack in the Pac-12 North, behind Oregon, Washington, and Washington State.
  • Q: What are the goals for Stanford in 2023?
  • A: The goals for Stanford in 2023 are to improve from their 4-8 record in 2022, to win more games than they lose, to qualify for a bowl game, to beat their rivals Cal and Notre Dame, and to compete for the Pac-12 title. These goals may seem ambitious, but they are not impossible. Taylor has said that he believes in his players and his staff, and that he is confident that they can achieve great things at Stanford.

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