Tom Schwartz’s salary, Net worth 2023, how much makes per, partner, Age, Family & More

Tom Schwartz is a famous American actor, model, bartender, and reality TV star who has gained a lot of popularity and fame for his appearance in the hit Bravo TV series Vanderpump Rules. He is also known for being the ex-husband of Katie Maloney, another popular actress and reality TV star. But how much does Tom Schwartz make per year? What is his net worth in 2023? Who is his partner now? How old is he? What about his family and personal life? If you are curious to know the answers to these questions, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about Tom Schwartz’s salary, net worth 2023, how much make per, partner, age, family, personal life, and more.

Tom Schwartz Salary and Net Worth 2023

Tom Schwartz has been working in the entertainment industry since 2011 when he made his debut in the TV series True Blood. Since then, he has appeared in various projects such as Two and a Half Men, Southern Charm, Celebrity Family Feud, Summer House, Bravo After Hours, and The Playboy Morning Show. However, his most notable role was in the Bravo TV series Vanderpump Rules, which is a spin-off of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Tom appeared in the recurring role in the first two seasons of the show and he became one of the main characters in the third season of the series. The show follows the lives of Lisa Vanderpump and her staff at her restaurants SUR and TomTom in West Hollywood.

Tom Schwartz earns around $25,000 per episode of Vanderpump Rules. The show has aired eight seasons so far and has been renewed for a ninth season which is expected to premiere in 2023. Assuming that Tom has appeared in all the episodes of the show so far (which is 165 episodes), he would have made around $4.1 million from the show alone. However, this is not his only source of income. Tom also works as a model and has done commercials for many brands. He also owns a stake in TomTom restaurant along with his friend and co-star Tom Sandoval and Lisa Vanderpump. Moreover, he has invested in real estate properties and has endorsed some products on his social media accounts.

Considering all these factors, we estimate that Tom Schwartz’s net worth in 2023 will be around $4.5 million US.

Tom Schwartz Partner

Tom Schwartz was married to Katie Maloney, who is also an actress and reality TV star. They met through mutual friends and started dating in 2011. They got engaged in 2015 and tied the knot in 2016 in a lavish ceremony that was aired on Vanderpump Rules. However, their marriage was not legally valid as they did not file the proper paperwork. They had to get remarried in 2019 in Las Vegas to make their marriage official.

Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long as they announced their separation in 2020. The reason for their split was not revealed but some sources claimed that they had been having issues for a long time and that they were not compatible with each other. They also said that Tom was unhappy with Katie’s controlling and nagging behavior and that Katie was unhappy with Tom’s lack of ambition and commitment.

As of now, Tom Schwartz is single and has not been linked to anyone else. He has said that he is focusing on himself and his career and that he is not ready to date anyone yet.

Tom Schwartz Age

Tom Schwartz was born on October 16, 1982, in Woodbury, Minnesota. He is currently 40 years old as of 2023.

Tom Schwartz Family

Tom Schwartz comes from a large family. His parents are Kimberly Schwartz and William Schwartz. He has three brothers named Brandon Schwartz, Billy Schwartz, and Robert Schwartz.

Tom Schwartz’s Personal Life

Tom Schwartz is a very charming and charismatic person who has a lot of friends and fans. He is very active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter where he has over 2 million followers combined. He often posts pictures and videos of himself with his friends, co-stars, pets, and travels. He also likes to share his opinions on various topics such as politics, sports, movies, music, etc.

Tom Schwartz is a big fan of sports, especially football and basketball. He supports the Minnesota Vikings and the Los Angeles Lakers teams. He also enjoys playing video games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite.

Tom Schwartz is an animal lover who has two dogs named Gordo and Butterboy. He also supports various animal welfare organizations such as The Humane Society and PETA.

Tom Schwartz is a fun-loving and adventurous person who likes to try new things and explore new places. He has traveled to many countries such as Mexico, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Thailand, Japan, etc. He also likes to go camping, hiking, skiing, surfing, etc.

Tom Schwartz is a Libra by zodiac sign. He is very friendly, sociable, diplomatic, and balanced. He is also very creative, artistic, and romantic. He likes to express himself through his fashion sense and his tattoos. He has several tattoos on his body such as a rose on his chest, a heart on his wrist, a star on his elbow, etc.


Tom Schwartz is one of the most popular and successful reality TV stars in America. He has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry through his appearance in the Bravo TV series Vanderpump Rules. He has also worked as a model, bartender, and businessman. He has amassed a fortune of around $4.5 million US as of 2023. He was married to Katie Maloney but they divorced in 2020. He is currently single and living his best life.

Most Asked Questions and Answers

Q: How tall is Tom Schwartz?

A: Tom Schwartz is 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) tall.

Q: How much does Tom Schwartz weigh?

A: Tom Schwartz weighs around 165 lbs (75 kg).

Q: What is Tom Schwartz’s eye color? A: Tom Schwartz has blue eyes.

Q: What is Tom Schwartz’s hair color?

A: Tom Schwartz has dark brown hair.

Q: What is Tom Schwartz’s ethnicity?

A: Tom Schwartz is of German descent.

Q: What is Tom Schwartz’s religion?

A: Tom Schwartz is not religious.

Q: What is Tom Schwartz’s education?

A: Tom Schwartz has a degree in sports science from Florida State University.

Q: What is Tom Schwartz’s favorite food?

A: Tom Schwartz loves pizza and tacos.

Q: What is Tom Schwartz’s favorite movie?

A: Tom Schwartz’s favorite movie is The Big Lebowski.

Q: What is Tom Schwartz’s favorite music genre?

A: Tom Schwartz likes rock music.

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