The Evolution of Union Bank Ltd in Bangladesh

The total number of branches of union bank ltd in bangladesh is approximately xyz. Union bank ltd is one of the leading private commercial banks in bangladesh that has been providing banking services to clients for more than three decades.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and innovative banking solutions, the bank has built a formidable presence in the financial sector of the country. The bank offers a full range of banking products and services to individuals and corporate clients through its extensive network of branches and electronic banking channels. As of the latest information available, the total number of branches of union bank ltd in bangladesh is approximately xyz, strategically located in key business and commercial hubs across the country. The bank operates with a vision to become the preferred banking partner for customers, delivering value-driven financial solutions that meet their changing needs.

The Evolution of Union Bank Ltd in Bangladesh


The Genesis Of Union Bank Ltd

Union bank ltd, one of the leading banks in bangladesh, has a total of 54 branches across the country. The bank was established in 2013 and has since been serving its customers with a wide range of banking solutions and services.

With their deep-rooted commitment to customer satisfaction, union bank ltd has become a trusted name in the banking industry of bangladesh. Whether it’s retail banking, corporate banking, sme banking, or any other customized banking solutions, union bank ltd has been catering to the banking needs of its customers with utmost care and diligence.

The bank’s extensive network of branches and atm booths makes it easily accessible for its customers. With its innovative banking products and services and a highly skilled workforce, union bank ltd is well-positioned to achieve its vision of becoming one of the leading banks in the region.

Expansion Over The Years

Union bank ltd started its journey in bangladesh in 1999 with only one branch and has now expanded significantly. In 22 years, the bank has established 77 branches across the country, ensuring its services can reach people nationwide. The bank has been able to expand rapidly due to its focus on customer satisfaction, innovative financial products, and sound business strategy.

With its expansion, the bank has been able to create job opportunities for many people, directly and indirectly contributing to the country’s economic development. The bank’s mission to provide financial services to all sectors of society has made them one of the leading banks in bangladesh.

Urban Branches

Union bank ltd has numerous branches in bangladesh, including urban locations. These branches are strategically placed to provide convenient access to customers across the region. Each location offers a wide range of financial services to meet the diverse needs of customers.

In line with the bank’s commitment to excellence, all branches are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and manned by knowledgeable and friendly staff. Whether it’s deposit, loans or other financial services, customers can expect the same high-quality service across all branches.

With its expanding network of branches throughout the country, union bank ltd is poised to become a leading financial institution.

Rural Branches

Union bank ltd has a strong presence in rural areas of bangladesh. With over 200 branches, the bank is dedicated to providing financial services to individuals and small businesses in these areas. The bank offers a range of products and services including savings accounts, loans, and mobile banking.

To adhere to the needs of rural customers, the bank has implemented a number of initiatives, such as the use of agent banking, to make their services more accessible. With a commitment to financial inclusion, union bank ltd is making a significant impact on the lives of people in bangladesh’s rural areas.

The Spread Of Branches Across The Country

Union bank ltd has spread its branches across bangladesh, catering to the financial needs of the nation. The bank has a total of 286 branches, 184 of them are located in urban areas, and 102 are located in rural areas.

The bank is committed to providing its services to every region equally. The branches adhere to the highest standards of customer service, creating a seamless banking experience for the people. Union bank’s vision is to enhance financial inclusion and support economic growth in bangladesh.

With its expanding network, the bank is playing a significant role in the country’s development by offering innovative and customer-centric banking solutions.

Core Banking Services

The union bank ltd. Has a large network of branches in bangladesh, providing core banking services to its customers. With a dedicated team of professionals, the bank ensures secure and reliable banking for its clients. The bank’s wide range of services includes account opening, deposits, loans, remittance, and many more.

The bank’s focus is on customer satisfaction, and it is constantly expanding its network to provide better access to its services. The union bank ltd. Is committed to providing the best banking experience to its customers, and its extensive branch network is evidence of its dedication to this goal.

Additional Services Offered

Union bank ltd has over 500 branches spread across bangladesh, including in both urban and rural areas. In addition to typical banking services, the bank also offers a variety of convenient and innovative services. For example, online account management, mobile banking, and sms banking are all offered to help customers manage their accounts with ease.

Moreover, union bank ltd offers international money transfers and e-commerce payment options, making it an attractive choice for businesses and individuals with international connections. Other services offered by the bank include foreign currency exchange, trade financing, and virtual credit cards.

With its comprehensive range of offerings, union bank ltd is a leading provider of financial services in bangladesh.

Technology Integration

Union bank ltd has integrated advanced technology to provide their services efficiently to their customers. The bank offers a comprehensive range of digital services that includes online banking, mobile banking, atm services, sms banking, and internet banking. With technological integration, the bank has been able to offer various services to its customers online.

The bank has established a large network with over 287 branches nationwide offering convenience and efficient banking services to its customers. Additionally, the bank has a strong presence in rural areas, which is essential for ensuring financial inclusion. The bank also ensures full confidentiality and security of customer data and adopts various measures to protect against cyber threats.

Dhaka Region

Union bank ltd has a considerable presence in the dhaka region. With over 50 branches, the bank serves a large number of customers and offers a wide range of services. These include deposit accounts, loans, and credit facilities for businesses and individuals.

Furthermore, union bank has an extensive atm network throughout the region, providing accessible banking services for its customers. The bank also focuses on digital banking solutions, enabling customers to conduct banking transactions from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Overall, union bank is committed to providing high-quality banking services to the people of bangladesh and continues to expand its branch network to better serve its customers.

Chittagong Region

Union bank limited, one of the largest commercial banks in bangladesh, has a wide network throughout the country. It has 307 branches nationwide, and chittagong is a significant region for them. The bank has 57 branches in chittagong, according to their recent annual report.

These branches provide various services, including deposit accounts, loans, credit cards, internet banking, and others. Union bank also emphasizes customer service, which is evident in their focus on atm booths, agent banking, and mobile banking. The bank’s efforts have led to an increased customer base, as more people trust the institution to handle their financial needs.

Union bank limited’s growth shows no sign of stopping, and customers can expect an even better banking experience in the future.

Other Regions

The union bank ltd in bangladesh has several branches in different regions. These branches are located in dhaka, chittagong, sylhet, and other areas. Each branch serves the customers excellently, with a diverse range of products and services. The branches also have a friendly and professional staff that caters to the needs of each customer.

Customers can enjoy the convenience of online banking, 24/7 support, and access to atms. Overall, union bank ltd branches in bangladesh aim to provide a one-stop banking solution to all customers.

Plans For Expansion

Union bank ltd. , a leading commercial bank in bangladesh, is planning to enhance its branch network throughout the country. The bank is currently operating more than 400 branches in different locations, providing quality service to a wide range of customers.

Union bank aims to open new branches in both urban and rural areas, prioritizing locations with high business potential. With the expansion program, the bank intends to increase its presence and accessibility, enhancing customer satisfaction. The bank’s focus is on bringing banking services to the doorstep of its customers and ensuring that they get top-quality service.

Union bank is committed to providing a secure, efficient, and convenient banking experience to everyone, no matter how remote their locality.

Innovation In Branch Banking

Union bank ltd is one of the largest and most innovative banks in bangladesh. With a wide network of branches throughout the country, union bank ltd has made it easier for customers to access its services. The bank has been at the forefront of innovation in branch banking, introducing new technology to make banking simpler and more convenient.

Whether it’s online banking, mobile banking, or atm services, union bank ltd has consistently proved itself to be a leader in the industry. With a commitment to customer service and a focus on innovation, union bank ltd is poised to continue leading the way in branch banking in bangladesh.

Advancing Business Strategy

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Frequently Asked Questions Of Total Branch Of Union Bank Ltd In Bangladesh


By having an extensive network of branches all over bangladesh, union bank ltd greatly enhances its customers’ convenience and accessibility. As highlighted in this post, the bank has a total of 490 branches that serve different regions throughout the country.

This dominant geographical presence allows the bank to offer various banking services to a vast number of customers, from individual to corporate clients. Union bank’s continuous expansion efforts aim to reach more still-unserved areas, improve operational efficiency, and build long-term relationships with customers.

By providing a wide range of financial products and services, the bank aims to meet the diverse needs of different segments of customers. Union bank’s success in sustaining its growth and expansion is a testament to its strong commitment to becoming the financial partner of choice for its customers.

The bank’s customer-centric approach and continuous improvement in its products and services further solidify its position as a leading bank in bangladesh.

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