Vanna White Salary in Wheel of Fortune, Net Worth, Bio & Career in 2023

Vanna White is one of the most recognizable faces on American television, thanks to her long-running role as the letter-turning hostess on the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune”. But how much does she earn from her job, and what is her net worth in 2023? In this article, we will reveal the full details of Vanna White’s salary, net worth, earning career, and bio.

Vanna White Salary

Vanna White’s Salary

According to sources, Vanna White’s salary from “Wheel of Fortune” is $3 million per year. However, this amount has not changed for almost two decades, since her 2005 contract negotiation. In fact, Vanna White reportedly earns more from licensing her image to casino slot machines than from the game show itself.

In June 2023, Pat Sajak, the co-host of “Wheel of Fortune”, announced his retirement from the show after 41 seasons. Ryan Seacrest was chosen as his replacement, starting from September 2024. This sparked rumors that Vanna White might also leave the show, unless her salary was increased to at least half of Pat Sajak’s reported $15 million per year. However, one of Vanna’s representatives denied that they ever demanded such a raise, saying that it was “outrageous” and that they were asking for “much more than 50%”.

Vanna White’s Net Worth

Vanna White’s net worth in 2023 is $85 million. This makes her $10 million richer than Pat Sajak, whose net worth is $75 million. How did she accumulate such a fortune? Apart from her salary from “Wheel of Fortune”, Vanna White has also invested in real estate and other ventures.

Vanna White was married to George Santo Pietro, a real estate developer and restaurateur, from 1990 to 2002. They had two children together: Nicholas (born in 1994) and Giovanna (born in 1997). During their marriage, they bought and sold several properties in Los Angeles, including a Beverly Hills mansion that they listed for $47.5 million in 2017.

Vanna White is also an avid crocheter and has her own line of yarn called Vanna’s Choice. She learned to crochet from her grandmother and now enjoys doing it with her daughter. She has donated $1.8 million to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital from the sales of her yarn.

Vanna White’s Earning Career

Vanna White was born on February 18, 1957 in Conway, South Carolina. Her birth name is Vanna Marie Rosich, but she took the surname of her stepfather, Herbert Stackley White Jr., after her parents divorced when she was an infant. She attended the Atlanta School of Fashion and worked as a model before moving to Los Angeles in 1979 to pursue an acting career.

Vanna White made her debut on “Wheel of Fortune” in 1982 as a substitute hostess for Susan Stafford, who left the show to pursue other interests. She became a permanent hostess in 1983 and has been turning letters ever since. She has also appeared in several movies and TV shows, such as “Goddess of Love”, “The A-Team”, “Simon & Simon”, “Full House”, “The King of Queens”, and “Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult”.

Vanna White has received several honors and awards for her work on “Wheel of Fortune”, such as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2006 and a Guinness World Record for the most frequent clapper on television in 2014. She has also been featured in several magazines, such as Playboy (in which she posed for photos before joining “Wheel of Fortune”), People , and Forbes.

Vanna White’s Bio

Vanna White is not only a successful TV personality and entrepreneur, but also a loving mother and philanthropist. She enjoys spending time with her children and her boyfriend John Donaldson, a contractor whom she met in 2012. She also supports various charities and causes, such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital , Smile Train , American Cancer Society , and American Heart Association.

Vanna White has said that she loves her job and would do it forever if she could. She has also expressed her gratitude to her fans and the “Wheel of Fortune” crew for their support and friendship over the years. She is an inspiration to many people who admire her beauty, grace, and generosity.


Vanna White is one of the most famous and beloved figures on American television. She has been hosting “Wheel of Fortune” for almost four decades, earning a loyal fan base and a substantial income. She has also diversified her portfolio with real estate investments, a yarn line, and other ventures. She has a net worth of $85 million in 2023, making her one of the richest celebrities in the world. She is also a devoted mother and a generous philanthropist, who gives back to the society and the causes she cares about. She is a true role model and a legend in the entertainment industry.

Most Asked Questions and Answers

Q: How old is Vanna White?

A: Vanna White is 66 years old as of 2023. She was born on February 18, 1957.

Q: How tall is Vanna White?

A: Vanna White is 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) tall.

Q: How much does Vanna White weigh?

A: Vanna White weighs about 115 pounds (52 kilograms).

Q: How many dresses does Vanna White have?

A: Vanna White has worn over 7,000 dresses on “Wheel of Fortune”, but she does not own any of them. They are all borrowed from designers and returned after each show.

Q: How many times does Vanna White clap per show?

A: Vanna White claps about 600 times per show, according to Guinness World Records. That’s about 28,800 times per season and over 3.7 million times in her career.

Q: How much does Vanna White make per episode?

A: Vanna White makes about $34,000 per episode, based on her annual salary of $3 million and the number of episodes filmed per year (about 88).

Q: How did Vanna White meet Pat Sajak?

A: Vanna White met Pat Sajak when she auditioned for “Wheel of Fortune” in 1982. They became friends and co-hosts soon after.

Q: Is Vanna White married?

A: Vanna White is not married as of 2023. She was married to George Santo Pietro from 1990 to 2002. She is currently dating John Donaldson, a contractor whom she met in 2012.

Q: Does Vanna White have children?

A: Vanna White has two children with her ex-husband George Santo Pietro: Nicholas (born in 1994) and Giovanna (born in 1997).

Q: What is Vanna White’s favorite hobby?

A: Vanna White’s favorite hobby is crocheting. She learned to crochet from her grandmother and now enjoys doing it with her daughter. She has her own line of yarn called Vanna’s Choice and has donated $1.8 million to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital from the sales of her yarn.

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