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We’re Not Really Strangers is a social impact movement dedicated to bringing people together and inspiring meaningful connections. The concept comes from the idea that we are all connected, even if we don’t know it yet. Through their events and projects, they bring people together to share stories, learn about each other, and foster true human connection.

Their mission is to create a more compassionate world by connecting strangers through conversation, art, music, technology, and education. They strive to create an understanding of how our individual experiences connect us as part of a larger global community. We’re Not Really Strangers encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to come together in order to bridge divides across cultures, genders, religions and beliefs; ultimately helping build a sense of unity among humans everywhere.

We’re all connected, although we may not realize it. We’re Not Really Strangers is a movement that celebrates the idea that we are all interconnected and reminds us of this powerful bond. It encourages individuals to embrace vulnerability, look beyond surface-level conversations, and celebrate our shared experiences.

By doing so, we can create meaningful connections with one another, both online and in person. Through its series of cards, podcasts, workshops and community events, We’re Not Really Strangers hopes to remind people that they are never alone – no matter how many miles apart they may be!

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We’Re Not Really Strangers Online

We’re Not Really Strangers is an online social game created by Kevin Cortez. It is designed to bring people closer together, regardless of location or language barriers. Players answer personal questions and connect with each other in a fun and meaningful way.

This game encourages players to move beyond surface level conversations and get to know one another on a deeper level, helping them create stronger bonds with those around them.

We’Re Not Really Strangers

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What is the Point of We’Re Not Really Strangers?

We’re Not Really Strangers (WNRS) is a social media platform that encourages people to connect on a deeper level. It seeks to break down barriers between strangers and create meaningful relationships through conversations around topics such as mental health, identity, culture, and more. The point of WNRS is to build connections with those we do not know by understanding them better.

This can be done by engaging in thoughtful conversation about topics that may be difficult or uncomfortable for some – but which allow us to gain insight into someone else’s life experience. By doing so, we learn about ourselves and each other in ways we might not have before. Key Points:

– We’re Not Really Strangers (WNRS) is an online platform aiming to build deeper connections between people who don’t know each other – The purpose of WNRS is to engage in meaningful conversations around mental health, identity, culture etc., allowing users to gain insight into others’ life experiences

Is We’Re Not Really Strangers Good?

We’re Not Really Strangers is a card game that encourages meaningful conversations about relationships, identity and emotions. It has become increasingly popular among friends, couples and family members looking for better ways to connect: • Improves communication – We’re Not Really Strangers encourages people to express their thoughts and feelings honestly.

• Deeper understanding – Through conversation prompts, players gain insight into each other’s perspectives. • Fun activity – Playing the game with friends or family can be an enjoyable experience. Overall, We’re Not Really Strangers is a great way to strengthen relationships on a deeper level while having fun at the same time.

Do You Have to Pay for We’Re Not Really Strangers Texts?

No, you do not have to pay for We’re Not Really Strangers text messages. This is a free texting service that allows people to connect with each other and share meaningful conversations. Benefits of using We’re Not Really Strangers:

– Free messaging platform – Connects people from around the world – Helps build meaningful relationships through conversation

– No subscription fees or ads We’re Not Really Strangers is a great way to start connecting with friends and family members in an authentic and engaging way. It’s easy to use, completely free, and has no hidden costs associated with it.

Does Walmart Sell We’Re Not Really Strangers?

No, Walmart does not sell We’re Not Really Strangers (WNRS) products. WNRS is an independent game and lifestyle brand that focuses on meaningful connection. WNRS offers a range of products:

• A card game to help you learn more about others • A lifestyle & apparel shop for self-expression • An online community for connecting with likeminded people

You can purchase these items from the official WNRS website or through select retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Nordstrom.


Overall, this blog post serves as a wonderful reminder that we are all connected in some way. Despite our seemingly disparate lives and experiences, we share much more than meets the eye. We are not really strangers because even though our paths may have never crossed directly, there is always something connecting us to one another.

Whether it be through shared values or mutual friends, understanding that everyone has a story can bring us together and create a sense of unity in an increasingly divided world.

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