13th Grade Salary in Bangladesh 2023

.What is the salary of a government employee in Bangladesh? How does it vary by rank and position? How does it compare to other countries in the region? These are some of the questions that many people may have when they think about the public sector in Bangladesh. In this article, we will provide some answers to these questions by looking at the details of the 13th-grade salary in Bangladesh, which is one of the most common grades for government employees.

The 13th grade salary is part of the national pay scale that was introduced in 2015 and is expected to be updated again in 2023. The national pay scale has 20 grades, ranging from grade 1 (the highest) to grade 20 (the lowest). The basic salary for each grade varies from Tk 78,000 to Tk 8,250 per month. The basic salary is also supplemented by various allowances, such as house rent, medical, festival, and transport allowances. Government employees also receive annual increments of 5% of their basic salary and pension benefits of 90% of their basic salary after retirement.

13th Grade Salary in Bangladesh

One of the sectors that employs a large number of government employees is the primary education sector. There are about 400,000 primary school teachers in Bangladesh who teach about 20 million students in more than 100,000 schools across the country. Primary school teachers are classified into two categories: assistant teachers and head teachers. The assistant teachers are responsible for teaching the students from grades 1 to 5, while the head teachers are responsible for managing the school administration and supervising the assistant teachers.

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Primary school teachers are paid according to their qualifications and experience. The minimum qualification for an assistant teacher is a higher secondary certificate (HSC) or equivalent, while the minimum qualification for a head teacher is a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. The assistant teachers and head teachers are also required to undergo training programs to enhance their skills and knowledge.

In February 2020, the government decided to raise the salary of all primary school teachers to grade 13, regardless of their qualifications and experience. This means that all assistant teachers and head teachers will receive a basic salary of Tk 11,000 to Tk 26,590 per month, depending on their seniority. This decision was made to recognize the contribution of primary school teachers to the development of the country and to motivate them to perform better.

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However, some complications arose due to the changed recruitment rules and qualifications that were introduced in 2019. The new rules increased the educational requirements for assistant teachers and head teachers, which deprived many existing teachers of the benefit of grade 13 salary. To resolve this issue, the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education issued an order in February 2021 to relax the educational requirements for those who were appointed as assistant teachers before the promulgation of the new rules. As a result, all primary school teachers will get a salary under grade 13 by 2023.

The following table shows the details of the salary for grade 13 employees in different ranks and positions in Bangladesh as of 2023.

RankPositionBasic Salary (Tk)House Rent Allowance (Tk)Medical Allowance (Tk)Festival Bonus (Tk)Transport Allowance (Tk)Total Salary (Tk)
BCS OfficerAssistant Secretary26,59017,284 (65%)2,0005,318 (20%)51,192
BCS TeacherAssistant Professor26,590
BCS Health OfficerAssistant Surgeon26,590
BCS Engineer OfficerAssistant Engineer26,590
BCS Agriculture OfficerAssistant Agricultural Officer26,590
Non-Cadre Officer (Class I)Senior Officer (Bank)26,590
Non-Cadre Officer (Class II)Officer (Bank)22,000
Non-Cadre Officer (Class III)
Non-Cadre Officer (Class IV)
Primary School TeacherAssistant Teacher11,0007,150 (65%)5002,200 (20%)1,00021,850
Primary School TeacherHead Teacher11,0007,150 (65%)5002,200 (20%)1,00021,850

The 13th-grade salary in Bangladesh is a significant indicator of the economic and social status of government employees. It reflects the level of education, skills, experience, and responsibility that they have in their respective fields. It also affects their living standards, consumption patterns, and savings habits. Moreover, it influences their motivation, performance, and satisfaction in their jobs.

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The 13th grade salary in Bangladesh is also a useful benchmark for comparing the public sector with the private sector and other countries in the region. It can help to assess the competitiveness, attractiveness, and fairness of the government employment system. It can also help to identify the gaps, challenges, and opportunities for improving the quality and efficiency of the public service delivery.

In conclusion, the 13th grade salary in Bangladesh is an important topic that deserves attention and analysis. It is not only a matter of numbers and figures, but also a matter of values and visions. It reflects the aspirations and achievements of the government employees and the society as a whole. It also shapes the future of the country and its people.

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