6th Grade Salary in Bangladesh 2023

Bangladesh is a developing country with a large population and a low per capita income. The government of Bangladesh employs millions of people in various sectors and provides them with salaries and benefits according to their grades and positions. The national pay scale of Bangladesh is the system that determines the basic monthly salary, allowances, bonuses and other facilities for government employees.

The national pay scale of Bangladesh has been revised eight times since the independence of the country in 1971. The latest revision was done in 2015 by the 8th Pay Commission, which recommended a new pay scale with 20 grades and a basic salary range from 8,250 BDT to 78,000 BDT. The new pay scale also introduced a festival bonus.

6th Grade Salary in Bangladesh Information

The 6th-grade salary in Bangladesh is the pay scale for the senior assistant secretary, deputy director and equivalent positions in the government sector. The 6th-grade salary has a basic monthly salary of 35,500 BDT and a maximum monthly salary of 67,010 BDT after annual increments. The 6th-grade salary also includes other benefits such as:

  • Festival bonus: 20% of the basic salary for two festivals per year (7,100 BDT each).
  • Home rent allowance: 50% to 65% of the basic salary depending on the location (17,750 BDT to 23,075 BDT per month).
  • Medical allowance: 500 BDT per month.
  • Conveyance allowance: 700 BDT per month.
  • House maintenance allowance: 300 BDT per month.
  • Washing allowance: 100 BDT per month.
  • Tiffin allowance: 100 BDT per month.

The total monthly salary of a 6th-grade employee in Bangladesh can range from 62,050 BDT to 99,885 BDT depending on the location and increments.

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Benefits of a Government Job in Bangladesh

A 6th grade job in Bangladesh is a prestigious and rewarding career option for many people who aspire to join the government service. A 6th grade job offers many benefits such as:

Job security: A 6th grade employee enjoys job security and stability as they are not affected by market fluctuations or political changes. They can serve until their retirement age of 59 years without any fear of losing their job.

Promotion prospects: A 6th grade employee has the opportunity to get promoted to higher grades and positions based on their performance, seniority and merit. They can reach up to the secretary or chief secretary level, which is the highest rank in the government service.

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Training and development: A 6th grade employee receives training and development opportunities at different academies or institutes to enhance their skills and knowledge. They also get exposure to national and international issues and policies through their work.

Social status and respect: A 6th-grade employee enjoys a high social status and respect in society as they are considered as part of the elite class of government employees. They also have access to various facilities and privileges such as official vehicles, residences, clubs, etc.

Contribution to national development: A 6th-grade employee plays a vital role in the national development of Bangladesh as they are involved in various administrative, judicial, and technical functions. They implement policies and programs, manage resources, ensure accountability and transparency, provide services and solve problems for the public.

A 6th-grade job in Bangladesh is not only a source of income but also a source of pride and satisfaction for many people who want to serve their country and make a difference. However, a 6th-grade job also comes with challenges and responsibilities that require dedication, hard work, honesty and integrity.

How to Apply for a 6th-Grade Job in Bangladesh?

To apply for a 6th grade job in Bangladesh, one has to follow the recruitment process of the respective sector or service. The recruitment process may vary depending on the nature and requirements of the job. However, some of the common steps involved in applying for a 6th grade job in Bangladesh are:

  • Checking the eligibility criteria: One has to check the eligibility criteria for the 6th grade job, such as educational qualification, age limit, nationality, physical fitness, etc. The eligibility criteria may differ for different sectors or services.
  • Filling the application form: One has to fill the application form online or offline as per the instructions given by the authority. The application form may require personal details, academic details, professional details, etc. One may also have to pay an application fee as per the rules.
  • Appearing for the examination: One has to appear for the examination conducted by the authority to test the knowledge and skills of the candidates. The examination may consist of written tests, oral tests, practical tests, etc. The examination may be held at different centers across the country.
  • Waiting for the result: One has to wait for the result of the examination to be declared by the authority. The result may be published online or offline as per the mode of communication. The result may also include a merit list or a shortlist of the qualified candidates.
  • Attending the interview: One has to attend the interview conducted by the authority to assess the personality and suitability of the candidates. The interview may be held at different venues at the convenience of the authority. The interview may also involve document verification and medical examination.
  • Getting the appointment letter: One has to get the appointment letter from the authority after clearing all the stages of the recruitment process. The appointment letter may contain the details of the job, such as rank, salary, location, etc. One may also have to sign a bond or an agreement as per the terms and conditions of the service.

The 6th Grade Ranks and Salaries in Bangladesh 2023

RankSalary (BDT)
Senior Assistant Secretary / Deputy Director35,500-67,010
Assistant Secretary22,000-53,060
Assistant Director22,000-53,060
Protocol Officer22,000-53,060
Research and teaching officer22,000-53,060
6th Grade Salaries information


The 6th-grade salary in Bangladesh 2023 is based on the National Pay Scale 2015, which may change in the future. The 6th grade includes various ranks such as Senior Assistant Secretary, Deputy Director, Assistant Secretary, and others. The salary range for this grade is 35,500-67,010 BDT per month, depending on the experience and position. The 6th-grade salary also comes with other benefits such as a festival bonus, home rent allowance, and pension.

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