MPO Salary Sheet 2023 PDF Download

MPO (Monthly Payment Order) is a payment voucher that the government of Bangladesh uses to disburse salaries to the teachers of government-aided schools and colleges. This payment order includes detailed information on the salary of the teachers, such as basic pay, house rent, medical allowance, and other allowances. However, for many teachers, understanding the MPO Salary Sheet in Bangladesh can be quite challenging. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Monthly Payment Order mpo sheet 2023 pdf download.

  1. What is MPO 2023 Salary Sheet in Bangladesh?
  2. Components of Mpo teachers salary in Bangladesh
  3. Calculation Method of Mpo teacher’s Salary in Bangladesh
  4. Factors Affecting MPO Salary in Bangladesh
  5. FAQs about mpo school teacher salary in Bangladesh
  6. Conclusion

MPO Salary Sheet May 2023 pdf download

MPO Sheet in Bangladesh is a document that contains detailed information about the salaries of government-aided teachers in the country. The government of Bangladesh uses the Monthly Payment Order (MPO) to disburse salaries to these teachers, and the MPO Salary Sheet is an important component of this process. It includes various components of the salary, such as basic pay, house rent allowance, medical allowance, and other allowances. Understanding the mpo sheet 2023 is crucial for teachers to ensure they receive the correct amount of salary and benefits. in the paragraph, you understand the Importance of the mpo employee salary in Bangladesh

2.1 Basic Pay

  • It is the fixed amount that the government pays to the teachers every month.
  • The basic pay depends on the designation and rank of the teacher.

2.2 House Rent Allowance (HRA)

  • HRA is a component of MPO Salary that helps teachers to bear their house rent expenses.
  • The amount of HRA depends on the location of the teacher’s residence.

2.3 Medical Allowance

  • The medical allowance is a fixed amount paid to the teachers to cover their medical expenses.
  • The amount of medical allowance is the same for all teachers.

3.1 Formula for Calculation of mpo salary sheet April 2023 in Bangladesh

  • The formula for calculating the MPO Salary Sheet download is as follows: Basic Pay + HRA + Medical Allowance + Special Allowance + Other Allowances.
  • The final amount is subject to deduction for tax and other statutory deductions.

Madrasah mpo salary sheet in bangladesh


What is the frequency of MPO payments in Bangladesh?

  • The government releases the MPO Salary Sheet in Bangladesh once a month.

How can teachers access their MPO June Salary Sheet in Bangladesh?

  • Teachers can access their ntrca junior teacher salary scale through their respective educational institutions.

Can a teacher appeal if they find any discrepancy in their MPO Salary Sheet?

  • Yes, a teacher can appeal to the appropriate authority if they find any discrepancy in their mpo salary sheet in March 2023.

Is there any provision for salary increments in the salary sheet mpo teachers salary?

  • Yes, the government provides salary increments for teachers based on their performance, seniority, and other factors.


MPO salary sheet is a document that shows the monthly pay order (MPO) scheme for teachers and employees of private educational institutions in Bangladesh. The MPO scheme provides salaries and allowances to these teachers and employees based on their grades, level, and experience. The MPO salary structure is adjusted to the new national pay scale that was implemented in 2015.

The MPO salary sheet can help teachers and employees to know their income and deductions. The MPO salary sheet can also help the government to monitor and regulate the MPO scheme. The mpo college teacher salary is available on the website of the Secondary and Higher Education Directorate for different months and years.

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