BCS preparation tips for beginner 2020-2021

BCS Preparation tips for Beginner discovered in the post. Hello friend, Today I will try to discuss BCS Exam Preparation. but before you should know What Mean BCS. Bangladesh Civil Service Short Name is BCS. After the 1971 Independent,

It has been known by a Service of the Government of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Public Service Commission Short mean BPSC Govt Authority Decide to policy formula setting and recruitment of BCS. It has 27 cadre services Of Government.

Why Need BCS Preparation for beginner

“A good plan is half-done.” Yes. Every Work Complete for a Good Preparation. There are several occupations In our country. But many dreamers want a BCS cadre. Because Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) is one of the most respected occupations of Bangladesh.

Whatever, The demand for the educated population is increasing Day by day to cadre services. There are also some reasons for this.

  • BCS is Service of Bangladesh Government.
  • Govt jobs are secure. without special reasons, no fear of being expelled.
  • Much Salary and benefits.
  • At the end of the job is a huge pension.
  • Social dignity.
  • Opportunity to travel abroad.
  • As Many Facilities.

bcs preparation routine for beginner

  1. BCS exam preparation will depend on your years. If your subject is hard then Spend your pass time for BCS.
  2. Do not waste time on idle work. (time and tide wait for none)
  3. CGPA has the importance. Do not neglect yourself in the division.
  4. During the first year of academic education, The preliminary, written and well-received syllabus will be read very well.
  5. Read with discussing the past BCS Preili questions.
  6. Read the Class Six-to-Ten Books book slowly and understandably.
  7. If possible, Tutoring or teaching at academic coaching.
  8. It is better to read common knowledge a little later.
  9. Practice reading daily magazines.
  10. Do not try to finish the book early in the reading. Try to penetrate deep into the subject.

for BCS exam preparation, we upload some tips in Bangla Language as a jpeg file for beginners Bangladesh civil service follower. which upload form protho-alo Newspaper. see below.

bcs preparation daily routine in Bangla

BCS Preparation tips
BCS Prili Exam Preparation tips.

I hope you read our tips for how to prepare for bcs guide. If you can prepare yourself this way, Obviously you can get the desired cadre at the BCS.

There will not be a lot of pressure on you. So it would be possible to prepare well. Best wishes for all BCS exam prepare Student.

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