Deviant Moon Tarot Book pdf by Patrick Valenza

Deviant Moon Tarot Book by Patrick Valenza is an in-depth guide to the Deviant Moon Tarot deck. It provides detailed interpretations of all 78 cards, including reversed meanings and possible connections between them. In addition, it includes a comprehensive list of symbols used in the artwork, as well as information on how they can be interpreted.

The book also features an introduction to tarot reading and offers advice on how best to use the Deviant Moon Tarot for readings. With its unique artwork, rich symbolism and complex interpretations, this book is perfect for those seeking deeper insights into their own lives or those of others through tarot readings.

The Deviant Moon Tarot Book by Patrick Valenza is an essential guide for anyone interested in exploring the depths of tarot. This book provides readers with a unique and alternative take on traditional tarot, offering up fascinating insights into the complex meanings of each card. With captivating artwork and thought-provoking descriptions, this book will help you gain an even greater understanding of tarot and its many layers.


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What is the Deviant Moon Tarot Book by Patrick Valenza

The Deviant Moon Tarot Book by Patrick Valenza is an in-depth guide to the symbolism behind the popular tarot deck. It offers: * An exploration of imagery and interpretations used within the cards

* A look at how each card can be understood from different perspectives * Guidance on understanding complex ideas that may arise during readings. The book also provides a comprehensive look into Valenza’s creative process, offering insight into his thoughts and inspirations behind each card.

With this knowledge, readers will gain a deeper understanding of their own personal journeys through self-exploration with the help of tarot readings.

The Deviant Moon Tarot Book, Written And Illustrated by Patrick Valenza, is an Essential Companion to the Accompanying Deck of Tarot Cards That Provide a Unique Approach to Reading And Interpreting Tarot Spreads Through Surreal Imagery And Symbolism

The Deviant Moon Tarot Book, by Patrick Valenza, is a must-have companion to the deck. It provides an unprecedented guide to interpreting tarot spreads with surreal artwork and symbolism: • Explores deep psychological symbolism of imagery in the Major Arcana cards

• Includes original insights on how to interpret each card’s meaning • Offers guidance on reading reversals and multiple-card spreads • Provides tools for connecting with one’s intuition when reading tarot.

This book makes it easier than ever before to understand complex tarot readings, providing an invaluable resource for anyone looking to delve into the mysteries of divination.


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How Does the Deviant Moon Tarot Book Differ from Other Books on Tarot

The Deviant Moon Tarot book is a unique take on tarot interpretation. It differs from other books in the following ways: • Unique artwork – The deck features darker, more surreal imagery that can help readers to explore their innermost feelings and thoughts.

• Psychological approach – This book looks at each card from a psychological perspective, allowing for deeper insights into individual cards as well as entire readings. • Complex symbolism – While many traditional tarot decks use simple symbols, Deviant Moon takes it further with layered images and powerful archetypes. Overall, this book offers unique insights into the world of tarot that are both meaningful and thought-provoking.

The Deviant Moon Tarot Book Offers a Fresh Take on Traditional Tarot Readings With Its Unique Combination of Artwork, Symbolism, Mythology And Psychology Which Creates an Often Unexpected Interpretation Experience for Readers Who are Familiar With More Traditional Interpretations of the Cards

The Deviant Moon Tarot book offers a unique take on traditional tarot readings. It combines: * Artwork

* Symbolism * Mythology * Psychology to create an often unexpected interpretation experience for readers who are familiar with the classic interpretations of the cards.

This combination provides a fresh insight into this ancient practice that appeals to both experts and novices alike.

Additionally, This Book Provides Both Experienced Readers As Well As Those Just Starting Out With Deep Insights into How to Read These Powerful Images in Order to Gain Insight into Their Life Path Or Current Situation They May Be Facing in Life

This book is ideal for both experienced and novice readers of tarot cards. It provides in-depth guidance on how to interpret the powerful images found within each card, allowing readers to gain greater insight into their life path or current situation. By reading this book, readers can:

* Understand the history and symbolism of tarot cards * Learn about each individual card’s meaning and interpretation * Discover ways to use tarot readings as a form of self-exploration and personal growth

This book can provide valuable knowledge that will help any reader become an expert at interpreting tarot readings.

Q Who Authored the Deviant Moon Tarot Book

The Deviant Moon Tarot Book was written by Patrick Valenza. It provides an in-depth look at the deck he created, giving readers a better understanding of its symbolism and imagery: • Explains how to use the cards for divination and meditation

• Offers insights into hidden meanings behind card images • Includes interviews with other tarot readers and creators Overall, it is an essential resource for tarot enthusiasts to gain greater insight into this unique deck.

Deviant Moon Tarot Book  by Patrick Valenza


Deviant Moon Tarot Guidebook Pdf

The Deviant Moon Tarot Guidebook Pdf is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about the unique and intriguing tarot deck of the same name. This comprehensive guide provides detailed explanations of each card in the deck, along with tips for interpreting their meanings and advice on incorporating them into readings. The Deviant Moon Tarot Guidebook Pdf also includes helpful exercises to help deepen your understanding of this captivating tarot system as well as a wealth of information on its symbolism and history.

Deviant Moon Tarot Deck Meanings

The Deviant Moon Tarot Deck is a unique and mysterious deck of 78 cards that provide deep insight into the subconscious mind. Each card has a variety of interpretations, from psychological archetypes to universal symbols, allowing readers to explore their inner worlds in order to gain greater understanding and wisdom. The meanings associated with each card are often intuitively felt by the reader rather than understood intellectually, making it an excellent tool for any tarot practitioner seeking personal growth or spiritual exploration.

Deviant Moon Tarot Patrick Valenza

Patrick Valenza is the creator of the Deviant Moon Tarot, a unique tarot deck that features dark and surreal imagery inspired by gothic art. The artwork on the cards has been praised for its intricate detail and originality, as it portrays a dream-like atmosphere that helps readers explore their subconscious. Patrick Valenza’s work has earned him numerous awards in tarot design and his decks are highly sought after by collectors around the world.

Deviant Moon Tarot Borderless Edition

The Deviant Moon Tarot Borderless Edition is an innovative new tarot deck that offers a unique twist on traditional tarot card designs. This edition features larger, borderless cards with intricate and detailed artwork by artist Patrick Valenza. The cards are designed to evoke emotion and provide readers with deeper insight into the meanings of each card in their readings.

The deck also includes a book that explains how to use the cards for readings as well as offering interpretations for each card based on astrology, psychology and mythology. With its beautiful artwork, deep symbolism and helpful guidebook, this edition of the Deviant Moon Tarot will appeal to both experienced tarot readers and those just beginning their journey into tarot reading alike.

Deviant Moon Oracle

The Deviant Moon Oracle is a unique tarot deck created by Patrick Valenza. The cards have an edgy and surreal feel, with characters who are often odd and mysterious. Each card has an intricate black and white art design that features archetypal images from mythology, dreams, alchemy, occultism – all re-imagined in this mysterious new way.

The deck also includes a companion book which provides further insight into the cards’ imagery and symbolism. It’s perfect for psychic readings or personal exploration of the subconscious mind!

Trionfi Della Luna Tarot

The Trionfi Della Luna Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that was created in Italy by artist Giordano Berti. It features vibrant, colorful illustrations with a unique blend of Renaissance and modern art styles. This tarot deck emphasizes the importance of intuition, as well as spiritual growth and exploration.

Its images symbolize the journey through life and encourage self-reflection along the way. Additionally, it incorporates numerology, astrology, and kabbalistic symbols to create an insightful experience for anyone who reads with this deck.

Patrick Valenza Age

Patrick Valenza is a successful entrepreneur, author and illustrator from the United States. Born in 1972, he has achieved immense success in his field of work over the years. He is best known for creating an international phenomenon called The Game of Universal Love which has reached millions worldwide and received awards such as “Best New Card game” at Origins Gaming Convention 2019.

His other works include books, apps, art products and more. Patrick’s accomplishments are a testament to his creativity and hard-work ethic that have allowed him to succeed as an artist for almost three decades now.

Patrick Valenza Oracle

Patrick Valenza is an Oracle card reader who has been working with the cards since 1990. He was introduced to them by a master teacher, and he has developed his own unique approach that combines traditional readings with intuition and spiritual guidance. Patrick’s work focuses on helping people gain insight into their lives through understanding the symbols of the Oracle cards, which provide answers to questions about one’s past, present and future.

He also offers personalized readings for individuals or groups as well as online courses in Tarot & Oracles.


In conclusion, Patrick Valenza’s Deviant Moon Tarot Book is a great resource for both experienced and novice tarot readers. Its unique images and thought-provoking symbolism make it an ideal choice for those looking to explore the depths of their intuition. Valenza has created an inviting atmosphere with his words and artwork that opens up a previously unexplored world to curious minds.

With its depth of knowledge, this book offers valuable insight into the power of tarot readings, making it a must-have item for any serious reader or collector.

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