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Van Jefferson Salary, Net Worth 2023, How Much He Makes Per Year, Partner, Age, Family, Personal Life

Van Jefferson is one of the most promising wide receivers in the NFL. He plays for the Los Angeles Rams, who drafted him in the second round of the 2020 draft. He has shown great potential and skill on the field, as well as a charismatic personality off the field. In this article, we will explore Van Jefferson’s salary, net worth, partner, age, family, and personal life in 2023.

Salary and Net Worth

Van Jefferson signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Rams in 2020, worth $5,611,134. His signing bonus was $1,640,824, which he received when he signed the contract. His average annual salary is $1,402,784, and his base salary in 2023 is $1,375,155. His contract also includes $2,505,876 in total guarantees and $140,004 in incentives.

Van Jefferson’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be around $2 million. This is based on his earnings from his NFL career, as well as his endorsements and other sources of income. Van Jefferson has a deal with Nike and has appeared in commercials for Pepsi and Doritos. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts videos of his life and hobbies.

Partner and Family

Van Jefferson is not married yet, but he has a long-term partner named Kiana Parker. They have been dating since 2019 and are very much in love. Kiana Parker is a model and actress who has appeared in several TV shows and movies. She is also a singer and songwriter who has released some singles on Spotify and YouTube.

Van Jefferson comes from a football family. His father is Shawn Jefferson, a former NFL wide receiver who played for 13 seasons with four different teams. He is currently the wide receivers coach for the New York Jets. His mother is Michelle Jefferson, who works as a nurse. Van Jefferson has two brothers: Shawn Jr., who plays college football at Liberty University; and Tyler, who plays high school football at Brentwood Academy.

Personal Life

Van Jefferson was born on July 26, 1996 in Jacksonville, Florida. He attended Ravenwood High School in Brentwood, Tennessee, where he was a star athlete in football and basketball. He then played college football at Ole Miss and Florida, where he earned his degree in sociology.

Van Jefferson is a devout Christian

and he often shares his faith and gratitude on his social media accounts. He also likes to play video games, watch movies, and listen to music. He is a fan of Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole. He has a dog named Zeus, who is a German Shepherd.

Van Jefferson is a talented and hard-working player who has a bright future in the NFL. He is also a loving and loyal partner, a respectful and supportive son and brother, and a humble and generous person. He is an inspiration to many people who admire his skills, personality, and values.


In this article, we have learned about Van Jefferson’s salary, net worth, partner, age, family, and personal life in 2023. We have seen how he has achieved success in his professional career, as well as how he balances it with his personal life. We have also discovered some interesting facts and details about him that make him unique and admirable.

Here are 10 most asked questions and answers about Van Jefferson:

  • Q: How old is Van Jefferson in 2023?
  • A: Van Jefferson is 27 years old in 2023. He was born on July 26, 1996.
  • Q: How tall is Van Jefferson?
  • A: Van Jefferson is 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters) tall.
  • Q: How much does Van Jefferson weigh?
  • A: Van Jefferson weighs 200 pounds (91 kilograms).
  • Q: What is Van Jefferson’s jersey number?
  • A: Van Jefferson wears the number 12 jersey for the Los Angeles Rams.
  • Q: What position does Van Jefferson play?
  • A: Van Jefferson plays as a wide receiver, which means he catches passes from the quarterback and runs with the ball.
  • Q: What college did Van Jefferson attend?
  • A: Van Jefferson attended two colleges: Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) from 2015 to 2017, and Florida (University of Florida) from 2018 to 2019.
  • Q: What are Van Jefferson’s career stats in the NFL?
  • A: As of the end of the 2022 season, Van Jefferson has played in 32 games, started in 16 games, caught 78 passes, gained 1,182 yards, scored 9 touchdowns, and averaged 15.2 yards per reception.
  • Q: Who is Van Jefferson’s partner?
  • A: Van Jefferson’s partner is Kiana Parker, a model, actress, singer, and songwriter.
  • Q: Who are Van Jefferson’s parents?
  • A: Van Jefferson’s parents are Shawn Jefferson and Michelle Jefferson. Shawn Jefferson is a former NFL wide receiver and current wide receivers coach for the New York Jets. Michelle Jefferson is a nurse.
  • Q: What are Van Jefferson’s hobbies and interests?
  • A: Van Jefferson likes to play video games, watch movies, listen to music, play with his dog Zeus, and share his faith and gratitude on social media.

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